AlKauthar, a tertiary level, academic Islamic knowledge institute, aims to seek the pleasure of Allah sub?anahu wa-ta?ala by ‘enriching lives through knowledge’.

They aim to achieve this by enabling our students to apply a comprehensive understanding of Islam in their lives. They believe that empowering individuals with the true teachings of Islam will enable them to live faithfully to their beliefs, and in turn help them become better citizens of humanity and pillars of society. AlKauthar’s vision is part of the overarching vision of Mercy Mission – an international da?wah movement set up in order to enable Muslims to play an active and positive part in their communities through the peaceful message of Islam. AlKauthar is the flagship project of Mercy Mission, through which They hope to provide the means of assisting our students in converting knowledge into action.

Main Office :
AlKauthar Institute,
P.O.BOX 52, Bankstown,
NSW1885, Australia