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Evo Heat

About Evo Industries:

Evo Industries supplies a range of heat pump and cogeneration equipment to the market. Evo’s product range is designed to lower energy usage and running costs of various areas such as space heating/cooling, water heating and chilling and applications which use hot or cold liquids in any process. Evo are experts in their field and can provide professional advice on how to significantly lower energy costs for clients worldwide. Evo Industries was founded in 2009. Evo operates a small team that is rapidly growing with a strong team of partners which allows us to tackle any project no matter how large or small.
Starting business with a very small team of 2 people in 2009, Evo managed our customer contact the old fashioned way by basic lists. Excel spreadsheets, folders with business cards, a basic accounting package and good old memory were the tools of the trade. As the sales inquiry grew quite quickly it became increasingly difficult to ensure old contacts were kept in the sales/follow up process.


  • Manual spreadhseet and paperwork
  • No pipeline for sales
  • Very hard to manage reps as it was hindering in business growth
  • Data access on mobile
  • No centraliased database of contact and activity
  • Newsletter or blogging capacity
  • Could not sengmant or categorise clients base


Once we engaged with OscilloSoft, they had the CRM and CAMPAGINS immplemented within week. We had the reporting that we needed in order to get the business moving. Now we have over 7 sales over and growing fast.

– Travis McNeill, General Manager


  • Tailrod solution for Evo Heat business by using Web2LEAD, LEAD, POTENTAIL, CONTACTS, ACCOUNTS, DASHBOARD, ACTIVITIES module
  • Centralised contact database with specific market segmentaions for the business e.g. retail vs commercrial, re-seller.
  • Key Perfomance Indicator (KPI) for sales was set via ZOHO CRM inorder to follow and track sales Reps activities.
  • Workflow which reminds if any records are out of touch.




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