Customer support forums are not just the platform for resolving customer’s issues but also provides an opportunity to create communities of your customer’s at one place to discuss related topics and ideas. Zoho Discussions is one such online software which creates one stop discussion forums and communities to solve issues, discuss ideas and receive feedback.
Zoho Discussions is inexpensive and affordable software which can add quality to the way forum discussions are organized and managed and customer queries are resolved by businesses.

Zoho Discussions offer several wonderful features which can be customized according to your business’s needs:

  • Zoho Discussions takes care of the branding requirements of a business so that people can relate and feel a part of your business.
  • It offers a ‘Single Sign On’ or SSO which lets you retain the current login procedure
  • The support is available in over 15 languages so that the global consumer community is not left behind in the support
  • Organizing discussions according to topics, such as query redressal, ideas discussion, problem resolution, updates and announcements, etc.
  • This software lets you organize the interactions on the forum by assessing the key statistics based on rate of response, forum activity, etc.
  • All the latest activity appear on the topic lists widget of the software making feedback capturing simpler.
  • Zoho Discussions makes moderation of several discussions possible at a time without investing a lot of time and effort into it.

How does Oscillosoft Consulting help you?

Oscillosoft Consulting provides businesses a third party support for setting up customized Zoho Discussions accounts and manage the client support in association with Zoho. Oscillosoft understands the demands of businesses to manage the discussion forums while attracting quality interactions and customer inflow and response system to create a responsive business environment. We help you assess and track the customer participation and create useful and knowledge worthy forums and discussion communities while taking care of the customization of branding, etc.

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