Today businesses are built around the fast knowledge sharing capabilities and thus collaboration among people has become a necessity. Zoho wiki is an online solution to create open communication platform for collaboration and sharing among work groups, teams and clientele across the physical boundaries of office space. You can create wikis to be shared between and across teams to start work in partnership.
The wiki dashboard lets you track the communications in various team wikis and control the progress of different tasks assigned to teams and manage client communications accordingly.

This communication and collaboration software comes with several user friendly features which make working in and across teams easier:

  • Zoho Wiki makes it easier to keep data accessible and updated at all times so that everybody working on a project is apprised of the extent of project progress
  • Zoho Wiki reduces the need to send emails with heavy attachments or look for shared drives as this software keeps all the documents at one location and accessible to all the group members.
  • It is very easy to setup Zoho Wiki, invite users and start collaborating in a matter of just a little time.
  • This system lets you customize your Wiki page as per your brand requirements and layout preferences.
  • It is a secure system provided by Zoho which makes access to the wiki pages by permissions and lets the user make the distinction of public and private wiki teams.
  • The user can select a page to track the changes and progress of work in a wiki page and will receive notifications for any change or revision in the documents in that particular wiki team.

How does Oscillosoft Consulting help you?

Oscillosoft, offers support services to select the right CRM products for your enterprise. If you are looking for an online system to collaborate and work in teams in separate geographies, Oscillosoft will assist you in obtaining the 100% from the best of features of Zoho Wiki. We are associated with Zoho to provide customized set of services to suit your business needs.

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