Google Apps is a cloudbased business suite which enables employees, management, team members to connect together. It helps them work from anywhere or any device. It provides immense IT support in a user friendly environment. Google Apps allow businesses to operate smartly.

Google Apps are changing standard procedures for over 4 million businesses. Following features make them a valuable tool for your venture:

  • Various security aspects keep business data safe and empowerthe users to control this mechanism
  • All business documents and data are accessible at all times to improve productivity
  • Enables users to share files with other team members for better integration.
  • It streamlines and automates various tasks such as invoicing, time management, etc

Oscillosoft with its expert staff enables you to take full advantage of Google Apps’ tools. We support you by taking up the following tasks:

  • Evaluate the Adoptability of theCloud for Your Business – We learn about your existing business processes and provide consultation to improve your productivity. We suggest various Google Apps which will automate your tasks so that you can focus on what really matters.
  • Our Support If Google Apps Already In Place – In case you are already using Google Apps, we assist you in enhancing their usability. Also our expert services help you to manage them in a much better way. A cloud architect can also be employed for this purpose.
  • Access and Implementation of Google Apps – For the first timers we direct you towards various Google Apps and educate you about its uses. We then help you deploy google apps for your organisation
  • Test Runs to Mitigate Risks – Once the installation is complete, our experts conduct operations on these Apps to check for quality of results and avoid any malfunctioning risks. Also our custom consulting services are available at all time to get furthers assistance and help.
  • Google Docs
  • Google Drive
  • Google Mail
  • Google Talk
  • Google Store