10 Features of Zoho Projects That Makes it a Great Tool For Collaboration Among Your Team Members

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Managing a business project can be overwhelming and common mistakes  such as poor reporting, scheduling mistakes and wrong communications can cost your business dearly. 

Therefore, in order to make the overall project management much more effective and efficient – Zoho Projects has been developed to simplify report generation, time tracking and team collaboration.

What is Zoho Projects ?

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management tool that helps you plan your work, track it efficiently, and collaborate with your team wherever they are. 

It can serve as a complete solution to all your business project management needs. With the help of just a single platform, it helps you control different factors that affect your business such as documents, people, money and many more.

To further discuss about the advantages Zoho Projects can provide to help improve the flow of your business management, we are going to list down its key functions below:


     One of the most notable features of Zoho Projects is the Zoho Task wherein you can create a task for you or your teammate. Group tagging on tasks is also now possible with the latest interface and you can also indicate a due date and implement a color scheme to determine urgency


This is what it looks like when creating a task with Zoho Projects

It also has a drag and drop interface which makes tagging tasks easier to visualize and control. With this feature, it will easily help you and your employees to identify which task is yet to be done and which task has already been completed. This is beneficial in order for you to visualize what steps you must make to ensure that you will be able to meet the needs of your project.


See how they easily keep track of a task, its progress and  milestones


     With Zoho Projects, you can automate tasks (i.e. set time for adding a task, event reminder, etc.)  in order to save more time. 

One of its notable functions is the Blueprint Feature which was made in order to automate various projects by setting up workflows in place. With this feature you will be able to create your own blueprint, design your process flow, configure the transition setting and execute the process easily.

This is very helpful for making management work easier, removing recurring work through the aid of automation, alerting the right people at the right time and ensuring that the right process for your business project implementation is being followed

 Keep in mind that this feature of Zoho Projects is applicable even if your business has a simple or complex operations flow.


     Gantt charts is just another way to visualize the flow of your business. It helps you monitor and edit your business milestones as needed.

Zoho Projects enables you to customize Gantt charts based on your preference (i.e. if you want to scale a chart or need to export task data) and helps you alter plans by dragging and dropping tasks from one area of your chart to the other.


     Zoho Analytics is seamlessly integrated with Zoho Analytics which enables you to gain full access to a lot of reports and reporting dashboard. It is very user-friendly with its drag and drop features and it helps you adjust the workflow of your business by providing you the capability to easily keep track of the employees’ track schedule which greatly helps in effectively communicating with them about their critical tasks and work responsibilities on a timely basis.


     Zoho Project’s chat function enables you to effectively communicate the critical task and necessary strategies with your teammates in real time. You can create private chat groups about a task project or other topics and invite relevant people to the group.


This shows how easily they communicate with each other through discussing project progress and updating it status publicly in their feeds.

On the other hand, Zoho Project’s forum function also enables you to effectively communicate and collaborate with your people and colleagues around the world. Upon creating a forum, you can organize your topic into categories, post a topic, send images, share documents and many more. This feature is very helpful specially when it comes to brainstorming, accessing relevant information instantly and acquiring data for improved decision making (i.e. conducting surveys or voting process before coming up with a decision).


Keeping track of the amount of time all that your team members had to work for can be troubling, unless you automate the process and integrate it right into your project management software like Zoho Projects does.


See how they can easily keep track of records using timesheet module

Zoho Projects’ timesheet module can help you record the billable and non-billable hours of your employees, either manually or with a timer. It can also help you send out invoices to your client. It helps you ensure that your billing and invoicing are always accurate.


     Zoho Projects provides you the transparency and full control over your data that you deserve. In order to ensure that your business is safe even from inside success, Zoho Projects was developed to be GDPR ready. Zoho Projects also helps you keep your files organized and allows your people to access and share files as needed. It includes a search tool that allows you to conveniently search the files you need.


     Zoho projects provides you a competitive edge with one of its features that enables your business to integrate with Zoho apps and other notable third party apps such as Google apps, Microsoft apps, and many more! 

All these things can be done efficiently just by using a single platform.


     Zoho Projects also accommodate the needs of your people through its mobile application. This will help you navigate tasks and maximize the functions of Zoho Projects wherever you are.


     This one is not a function, but rather, it is one of the benefits when using Zoho Projects. Oscillosoft is an advanced consulting partner of Zoho and they are capable of providing dedicated professional Zoho Project Consultants who will help you maximize the usage of Zoho Projects for your business. This is an effective method that will produce substantial benefits for your company when using Zoho Projects.


 Aside from the beneficial advanced features that Zoho Projects can provide to your business, its platform is also known for its quality and credibility. Zoho Projects has a proven track record when it comes to boosting the efficiency of businesses. Take Oscillosoft for example, they have been using Zoho Projects for years already and it made them experience valuable changes when it comes to project management. It made their business more efficient by helping improve the following areas:

  • It improved their internal collaboration as it helps them create tasks easily and keep track of their pending and finished projects efficiently.

  • Improved their way of handling relationships with clients as it easily add clients to the project forums.

  • Increased the data-driven management and leadership skills of their people through its seamless integration with Zoho Reports.

  •  Improved their project monitoring system with its user-friendly feature called project Kanban which helps them view all tasks under a project and its status.

  •  Improved communications flow with the help of forums and chat.

  • Gained more data on what needs to be done or improved through the feedback received from forums

  • It made file management easier for everyone.

  •  It made time tracking for hours spent by their employees in work easier with its Timesheet Module.

  • The business gained more profitability with the overall improvement of project management.

Therefore, Zoho Projects is a product that has already been proven and tested by various businesses in terms of the substantial benefits that it can provide to make project management more efficient. 

It contains an easy to understand and user-friendly interface that you can directly apply to your own business. 

We believe that Zoho Projects can help you provide the needs of your business projects which in turn will bring about great changes to your company as well as increase its profitability.


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