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Xero is online accounting software that allows you to manage your financial transactions. Businesses of all types can use it to share access to the information within team members. From accountants to bookkeepers to anyone in the team, everyone can work together efficiently. Imagine what you can do once you integrate Xero to your Zoho CRM, a software designed to manage your sales and marketing. If you are ready to level up your business, it’s time to know how you can benefit from Zoho CRM 2 Xero.

Zoho CRM 2 Xero: An Overview of the Extension

A plug-in designed by OscilloSoft, Zoho CRM 2 Xero enables you to sync Zoho CRM and Xero without creating double entries. It has been published in the Zoho Marketplace in 2018 and has more than 200 installs up to this day. Many businesses love this application because it allows them to synchronize data between the two software, avoiding data duplicates. As a result, business owners and team members can improve their data management. The main key benefits you can enjoy once you consider Zoho-Xero integration include syncing accounts, contacts, invoices, products, purchased orders, and payment.

Zoho CRM 2 Xero Extension Benefits

There are many things that you can do once you integrate Xero with Zoho CRM. Aside from speeding up your business processes, it can also improve your customer relationships. What’s in it with Zoho CRM 2 Xero? A lot! Among its best features are as follow:

  • 1. Make invoicing and payment processing more efficient.

    Since you can sync data between Xero and Zoho CRM, you can now access organized data that you can use for invoicing and payment. It is easier to collaborate with team members and manage transactions, improving customer relationships. With fast invoicing and payment processing, you can connect with your customers and grow your business.

  • 2. Increase your flexibility when syncing records.

    OscilloSoft’s integration between Zoho CRM and Xero can push your data in up to three different ways. It includes Manual Sync, Automatic Sync, and Instant Sync. Aside from syncing both your extension portal (Manual and Automatic) and directly from your CRM (Instant Sync), the sync can be set up where it meets the criteria for your specific business flow. From enabling Auto-Scheduled Syncs to syncing a record through any time you like, the three syncing options that push your data are a big plus point for the integration.

  • 3. Solve issues with syncing through sync logs.

    One of the challenges that you may encounter is integration issues. It includes errors that you can’t seem to figure out and annoying bugs that continue to tarnish your impression of the product. But with our Zoho CRM 2 Xero Integration, you can utilize the Sync Log, a Time Log that gives you details into the syncs that occur, including the type and time.

    Besides, you can have a comprehensive look at the errors that your sync might come across at any time. These logs offer detailed descriptions of the errors, telling you exactly what the problem is and how to resolve it. With this integration, support and help with bug issues are a thing of the past.

  • 4. Access accurate data.

    With Zoho-Xero integration, team members within your business can access accurate data, which is essential in verifying accounts and managing financial transactions. Reporting will also be more accurate since you can connect the sales team with the accounts team. Everyone can work together using valid and updated information through the help of different apps.

  • 5. Organize your data.

    As mentioned, using OscilloSoft’s plug-in can help you do Zoho-Xero integration. When you sync the data between the two software, you can prevent the system from having double entries. It is essential to avoid errors within your business workflows. It will also help you save time and labor costs since the data is more manageable.

How OscilloSoft’s Zoho CRM 2 Xero Can Help Your Business

OscilloSoft designed the plug-in to help businesses have a seamless integration between Zoho and Xero. It is an excellent tool that enhances efficiency and boosts productivity. It’s no wonder many business owners are considering Zoho CRM 2 Xero. But how can it help your business as a whole?

The plug-in integrates all of your Zoho CRM records with your Xero data. It links all of your customer’s data from the CRM to your relevant Xero data and vice versa. OscilloSoft’s extension enables you to sync your contacts (clients & vendors), products, invoices, bills, and purchase orders between the apps. As a result, the information from the two software is effectively bridged into an organized database.

As the world becomes more modernized, business owners and entrepreneurs have a new-found need to adapt to the most effective and latest technology to improve their businesses. Both Xero and Zoho CRM can provide you with different solutions that can help you manage your financial transactions and business workflows. With OscilloSoft’s Zoho experts’ assistance, you can combine these powerful software to not only speed up your business processes but also guarantee a smooth, streamlined workflow.

OscilloSoft’s Zoho CRM 2 Xero is compatible with CRM Plus, Enterprise, Professional, Ultimate, and Zoho One. You may contact OscilloSoft’s Zoho experts today to start with the integration. Zoho CRM pricing begins with $50 per organization, which is paid monthly. Save more when you choose the yearly payment at $510 per organization.

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