At Oscillosoft, we set up sales force automation solutions that make it easy for you to:

Track Project Pipelines

Effectively track job orders and client updates with CRM solutions.

Organise Leads and Opportunities

Monitor and interact with clients and prospects according to their needs.

Manage Sales

Improve transactions and automate invoicing for hassle free payment.

Standardise Sales Process and Track Key Information With CRM Solutions

Construction businesses highly benefit from incorporating a comprehensive system that effectively tracks project pipelines. At Oscillosoft, our development experts equip businesses with a custom tailored CRM that provides contractors with the visibility in management they need, particularly on crucial aspects so that resources and efforts are allocated on winning projects.
Investing in effective CRM solutions for construction businesses gives them the advantage to input all key information on a client or prospective client in a single location and easily classify it according to transaction details.
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Growing your Business with Effective Solutions

At Oscillosoft, we aim to equip businesses with the right solutions to improve and standardise their processes and methodology. We take time to understand your business’ needs and we work towards the same goal as you do. It’s a simple mantra that inspire us to design, build, implement and deploy custom-designed business solutions that help entrepreneurs focused on driving business growth.
We customise CRM platforms and sales tools to allow for a consistent approach to bidding and winning work. If you want to take your business to the next level, have a quick chat with our experts today.