Creating and Managing Leads in Zoho CRM

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Understanding ZOHO CRM may be bit confusing if you cannot distinguish between different modules. There are always new updates and added features in new releases. This series of videos will aim to demonstrate all the those new features and give you in-depth understanding of every module.

Understanding Lead Module

LEAD Module is the detailed gathering about an individual or representatives of an organization. Collecting leads and managing them are the initial stage of sales process.Leads can be obtained through trade shows, seminars, advertisements, marketing campaigns etc. Once the lead are collected it is essential to contact them and follow up until lead qualify to prospective customers.

Collecting and managing leads are the initial stages in the sales process. Leads can be obtained through marketing campaigns, trade shows, seminars, advertisements, etc. Once you have collected leads, it is essential to manage them and follow them up until the leads qualify to prospective customers. The sales department’s approach in managing leads can significantly impact the success of an organization.

Zoho Leads in your CRM helps you manage your potential contacts. In Zoho CRM, lead details contain a combination of company (account), person (contact), and business opportunity (potential), depending on your CRM requirement – for managing Business to Business (B2B) industry or Business to Consumer (B2C) industry.

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