A CRM is a system to aid you to manage your customer relationships. So you need to know your current and past relationship, and plan for the future. It is one of the worst experience where you dealt with a business and their systems seem to make that relationship worse? Was it a pleasant experience? To avoid these sort of bad CRM system, start with defining your business processes and goals. What can you improve, to improve  that process?
Our consulting services are to here to help you define that customer relationship, your internal processes, and define a CRM system that benefits both the customer and your business. Our team will:

Analyse your business processes
• Match the processes of data within your business. A CRM will help break down those structures into manageable segments.
• Understand and document the workflows between you and your customer. As well as internal team members.
• Provide a design for development.
• Provide an estimate of the investment. Now with cloud solution you can get up and running within a matter of days not months.
• As much as possible, use the Zoho CRM configuration processes and apply best practices so your application becomes efficient, scalable.
• Implement and configure the system to your needs
• Assist you to train your users.

For a simple business process, the whole process can take as little as a week, but for complex businesses where you want to get rid multiple systems then it will take a little longer subject to details scope of the project.

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