CRM Sales Management Software

CRM Sales Management Software


Managing a lead into a possible buyer is an important part of a fruitful marketing strategy. It needs efficient and effective communication and promotion. It’s like building relationships with possible buyers who will eventually become customers. But how to automate sales and increase productivity in your business? Simple, provide your team the best tools on how to sell keener.

Zoho CRM guarantees you the right development to transport your leads through the sales process. It gathers lead information straight from your website, generates reports to estimate trends and schedules follow-up reminders. Here are easy points to automate sales and increase productivity.

Focus on sales opportunities. Turn all opportunities into cash. You have to track you sales pipeline and identify a hot prospect to deal with. Then, spot the probable people who are likely to buy and stick on communicating with them to draw their attention. After which, you have to divide your sales cycle into different stages and rank the probable buyers.

Find more leads. Do this by collecting their business cards or finding them though social media and by gathering information about those who paid a visit to your website. You may also extend it by generating an online form for them to fill out.

Forecast sales. Customize forecast reports to gain insights on a team’s performance. Estimate your income and assign targets for your team, using key info like quotas achieved during the last year, deals in the pipeline and indiviuals/teams aht are working near their goals.

Manage business contacts. Make tasks, comments and tasks easily. You can also view the histories of the purchases.

Manage customer account. With the use of CRM, anyone from your sales team can provide support. Through viewing potential deals, tasks, and contacts in one screen, you are able to close deals with the businesses you’re trading to.

Furthermore, since your customers are scattered everywhere, all the more that you must be too. You need to connect and communicate in order to provide customers a great experience. But, no need to worry about that. Zoho CRM gives you “Multichannel Support”. This feature enables you to interact with your customers at their most convenient way, like email, social media sites, and even from the phone all the way to live chat. This feature also allows you to keep track of all the conversations in one place while you follow your own rules in interaction and sales processes. Below are points on creating a good conversation with customers.

Sales Signals. This feature lets you grasp to your prospects in real time. With this, you are able to witness ho they interact with your website, social media, marketing emails and so much more. Always be updated of their activities to have more appealing conversations.

Chat. Before you begin chatting, you should know first whether your visitors on your website are new or already existing customers. You can see the chat history of your customers, contacts and leads.

Email. Of course, Zoho CRM allows you to see the history of communication between you and your customers. With privacy consents, your team managers are able to see the conversation that takes place among the customers and the team. With the help of detailed reports and analytics for templates and email, you can interact better with customers. You can try Zoho SalesInbox to experience greatness in email. It’s created solely for salespeople.

Telephone. Be prepared for every call you receive and make. Although, CRM gives all the needed information about it. Phonebridge, a Zoho CRM integration lets you view your customer’s information and lets you start your calls in a single place. While taking the call, it’s important that you take down notes to remember the conversation. With this, you are able to set reminders to follow up your customers.

Social media. With the presence of social networking sites today, connecting to people or prospects becomes easier. You may find more prospects and leads on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Exert extra effort by following their posts, visiting their profile and now you create your own streams to attend to your very important contacts.


In-person. Of all the methods in building customer relationships, communicating in a personal manner is the best. Zoho CRM offers its mobile app which is designed for teams who are always on the move. With the use of this, you can check your map locate people or prospects nearby. You may also take a picture of business cards to store leads before losing track of them. And with the help of Zoho CRM calendar, you can organize your meetings and seminars better and also, the check-in feature lets your team know your exact location.

Those are just some of the reasons why Zoho CRM is the best IT partner for your business. Everything that your business needs in terms of fast and better sales performance are all offered by the different features of Zoho CRM. Now, what else can you ask for from a software that empowers and stays ready for your teams and businesses?


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