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Oscillosoft offers the opportunity to experience an intelligent, efficient and modern CRM specially curated for Education Consulting Services. Powered by Zoho CRM, which is an award-winning technology, provides a 360-degree view of all student activities in the application progress such as pending action items, historical emails, notes, related documents and much more. It enables customisation of modules and visualisation of the students in the pipeline. It’s time to stray away from the outdated data management styles of excel sheets and manual folders by joining Oscillosoft’s journey in bringing technological intelligence to daily tasks.

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Is This Solution Right for Your Education Consultancy?

This solution is specially designed by Oscillosoft for an Education Consultancy with one or multiple offices handling hundreds of student applications each year. It is crucial for an Education Consultancy to have the most salient features in a CRM. Apart from storing the name and address of students and universities, this CRM captures all incoming enquiries, streamlines the workflow and automates daily tasks. The reporting and dashboard functions within the CRM helps to effectively analyse and make smart business decisions. Day-to-day activities are easily automated, saving both time and money.
Build a strong relationship with your students and universities by providing your team with the right tools to grow. Great value is added to the operations by eradicating all bottlenecks and improving the overall efficiency in the admission cycle. You can now focus on raising the conversion ratio with a customer centric approach!

How Can You Leverage This Solution for Your Consultancy?

Division of Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Deals, Universities, Invoices, Quotes and Products to categorize in different buckets
Captures and store information from forms as a Lead which enables creation of instant quotes
Student information, creation of quotations, document management, association of universities and courses, invoice approvals & much more
Collaborate through chat, exchange documents and see % of completion in one location to avoid the hassle of numerous emails.
Create multiple Deals against each student for different scenarios: Multiple and repeat services, Referrals & family associated to the same student
Creates unique & automatic application numbering for each Deal for smooth application management
Easy document management for each student with automatic Google Drive folders and subfolders created inside the CRM
List of services are saved as products, making it easier to create quotations and process invoices with auto populated fields
Student details captured from sources like social media, chatbot on website, website forms etc are saved within Lead information
Business process created with Blueprints helps the consultants to follow an automatic process of tasks without missing any important steps
Capture progress of each student and create predetermined action items or tasks
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