Simply attract students with a straightforward admission, course management, ticket system and well-arranged examinations.


Easily track and capture leads that turns out sale with the perfect use of the right tool for your education business.


Ensuring every leads are properly managed which can be converted into a potential customer or students.

Handle and manage leads better with an effective tool that collates
student data in one reliable cloud CRM.

Be able to capture potential leads faster and improve student retention with a comprehensive CRM solution on Zoho platform.Implementing a CRM can help an institution gain edge in a highly competitive marketplace. CRM solutions can provide valuable insights about your customers, allowing you to develop stronger and more personal relationships not just with potential students but also with current students, and most importantly with the alumni. Haven’t found the need to invest in a CRM? Let Oscillosoft be your guide to exploring the benefits of Zoho CRM.

Benefits of Integrating CRM Solutions to Educational Businesses

Improve Admissions
Effective Tracking of Potential
Leads via Zoho CRM
Handle Student Enquiries via ticket
management system via Zoho desk
Streamline Teacher Evaluations using
Zoho Survey
Send SMS and Email Campaigns
Strengthen Alumni Relations
Generate Reports – Zoho Reports
Enrich Student Lifecycle Management
Connect with your Zoho experts
today to get started!

Handle and manage leads better with an effective tool that collates student data in one reliable cloud CRM.

With the help of Oscillosoft experts, businesses in the education industry may be able to do more with less. Our services provides organisations customised CRM and project management solutions that alleviate the common stresses related to marketing and recording data.
We have the comprehensive solution your academic institution needs to ensure important records are placed in one, easy to access repository. Our experts can also help you integrate with a Learning Management System like Moodle so you will be able to use this system in its full potential.