EIZO – Self Calibrating Graphics Monitor RadiForce Medical Monitors Digital Mammography Monitors Diagnostic Monitors Clinical Review Monitors Surgical Monitors. Eizo Nanao professional display monitors for medical, graphics, and all applications where the highest image quality is essential.

Eizo Nanao Corporation was founded as Hakui Electric Corporation in the quiet city of Hakui, Japan. EIZO began as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of black and white televisions.

Further Vertical Market Expansion: EIZO entered into a definitive agreement with eg-electronic GmbH of Wolfratshausen, Germany to acquire the latter’s business units for industrial monitors, air traffic control monitors, and monitor control boards. The acquisition was finalized in February 2009 and a new subsidiary, EIZO Technologies GmbH, in Wolfratshausen, Germany, officially began operations.
FORIS Goes Global: Previously only available in Japan, EIZO expanded its FORIS line of TVs to include PC monitors for home entertainment and released FORIS monitors worldwide.

Main Office :
15/78 Reserve Road,
Artarmon NSW 2064, Australia.
Phone:+61 (2) 9462 7500
Fax: +61 (2) 9439 0470
Website: http://www.eizo.com.au