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Oscillosoft Widgets Part 2

Welcome back to the Blog series of ‘Everything You Need To Know About Widgets’. It’s great to see you again!

Let’s Recap

In Part 1 of this blog series, we revealed super important information about the role of Zoho CRM in your day-to-day business operations and how the use of Widget can completely change your world instantly. I am sure it was easy for you to connect with this topic as we all are always in the search for the secrets of how to improve ROI. We learned that Widgets are a powerful way to bring any compatible application into your CRM. The benefits of using widgets range from never having to switch tabs again, the ability to fuse various apps and how the Herculean task of remembering multiple passwords to use multiple services or applications can be dodged. We also extensively spoke about the functionality of ‘Related Lists’ Widget, which is one of the top 5 ways to implement widgets in your CRM.

Moving forward it’s important to remember 2 things, among others, when we talk about widgets:

  1. A widget is like a blank canvas which enables you to customise your CRM to a whole new level
  2. Depending on the widget’s location and type, it is either relevant across all modules of the CRM or to each specific Lead, Contact, Account and Deal

Let’s keep the ball rolling

A Widget is a broad concept and capable of an ocean of possibilities. The level of customisations can vary depending on the business requirement. In this blog, we will talk about the 4 other ways to implement Widgets with the help of business cases and situations as examples: 

  1. Custom Buttons Widget 
  2. Web Tabs Widget 
  3. Settings Widget 
  4. Telephony Widget 

You can look forward to learning about each type of widget so that you pick the best option for your specific business needs. No matter what the requirement is, we’ve got you covered! Continue reading to know more about the functionality and use of each type of widget in your CRM. 

Let’s break it down

Zoho CRM currently has 5 primary ways to implement a widget and keep increasing with new updates. Keep yourself updated with the announcements and discussions on Zoho Community as new advancements are rolled out every month.

Custom Buttons Widget 

Don’t we all wish for everything to happen at the push of a button? Well, now it can! Along with creating modules, fields, pages, links and other elements, Zoho Developer can also help you create new buttons within the CRM, called ‘Custom Buttons’. It can be configured as widgets in your CRM. Users can create buttons to carry out predefined tasks with a click. You have two options while creating a button. First, when you use any of the standard buttons like ‘Convert’ or ‘Clone’ provided by Zoho Developer. The ‘Convert’ button allows you to easily convert a Lead to a Contact, Account or Deal. The ‘Clone’ button allows you to clone any record within the same CRM account. Second, when you create a new button that can perform a certain task based on your specific requirement or connect your CRM with a third-party application or other Zoho applications. These buttons are used in List Views or Record Details pages of any module to help perform specific functions. With this shortcut, users can save time to improve productivity. Remember, don’t push the wrong buttons! An angry CRM is worse than an angry wife. (Maybe more expensive too!)

For example, The picture below shows how a user has created a custom button to carry out the function of booking an appointment easily and accurately. The button helps the user book an appointment for a consultation session within the same record. Along with making the process faster with the help of predefined fields such as name, phone number, email address etc, it is also storing the history of actions for any user to view.

Let’s consider another scenario: A Zoho CRM user wants to use the CRM to send automated SMS to a bunch of contacts for an upcoming promotion of your product. By adding a ‘Send SMS’ button in the view of every Contact or Lead, it will reduce the time taken to send an SMS either individually or in bulk. The use of a single button is way more powerful than you think when it comes down to the level of productivity and ease of performing tasks for thousands of records. Depending on your business requirement, you can create custom buttons to perform a set of actions. 

Oscillosoft has integrated with many popular SMS Gateways that can benefit your organisation. Burst SMS is one of many such applications that can be integrated into your CRM to enable easy communication with predefined templates, bulk SMS, history of all SMS in CRM, event reminders and so much more with the push of a button.

To learn more about custom buttons and how to create them, click here.

Web Tabs Widget 

A good CRM allows you to store and segregate important information into different buckets or modules. A great CRM like Zoho CRM also provides the option of embedding information from a third-party application as a Web Tab. Web Tabs can be used to access web pages, web applications, etc inside Zoho CRM that can be viewed by users across the organisation based on the settings. However, sometimes the ability to create a standard web tab within the CRM isn’t enough to meet your business needs. A widget can help you go beyond the ordinary functions by connecting the data from the CRM to the application, making them talk to each other and work together. The Web Tab also enables you and your team to increase productivity by creating modules with UI elements and add features in your module that is not supported by the pre-built or custom modules available. The Web Tab widget is different as it brings in data through APIs provided by Javascript SDK. 

To learn more about Web Tabs and how to create them, click here

Settings Widget 

We all know the magic powers of an extension. These pre-built software components make the functions of a CRM more flexible for easy business management. It delivers robust functionality without complicated manual customisations to meet all business needs. The configurations are either an on-time set up of global parameters or some data configurations that are needed to correlate data between your CRM and a third party application. 

While installing an extension, it’s important to place some configurations required for its functioning. Settings widget creates the interface that is needed to establish such configurations.

The Settings widget helps maintain centralised control and access to the setup data of the extension. While we know that the Settings widget can do so much more, here is a quick and relatable example: When an organisation uses data from an external source or third-party application such as a Contact Us form on Facebook to create records in the CRM modules, it’s vital to establish how the data from the third-party application is mapped to the correct fields in the CRM. How do we do that? When creating a new Lead, Contact or Account using an extension component, you can determine the values and prefill them for each field in Zoho CRM. The picture below is a view of such an example.

To learn more about Settings Widgets and how to create them, click here

Telephony Widget 

One of the most used and highly efficient widgets is the Telephony widget. This type of widget helps integrate and embed any call centre or telephonic application inside Zoho CRM. This widget enables all your users to make and receive phone calls within the CRM across all modules or records. All they have to do is click on the telephone icon and get started. The widget stores call duration and other historical data of the calls made within the CRM. The picture below provides a pictorial view of the widget in Zoho CRM.

To know more about the Telephony widget and how to create it, click here.

Let’s unite forces 

Regardless of your organisation’s expertise or industry, it is vital to optimise and customise your CRM to increase ROI. Enhance your current operations by making full use of Zoho as an all-in-one management tool. Widgets are one way to do just that. Deciding to start using a new product or service is a big one. There is a lot of hype out there. That’s why you need to unite forces with a trusted Zoho Partner that can understand your unique needs and provide efficient solutions. How can you be sure you’re working with the best and will see the results you’ve been promised? That’s where we step in. 

The deadly combination of Oscillosoft and Zoho can add great value to your business. As Australia’s only Zoho Advanced Partner for over 10 years, we are proud to say that our 30+ highly skilled software engineers & consultants have deployed over 500+ CRMs for businesses just like yours. Read about our success stories that highlight how we have helped our valued clients! 

You may also benefit from a FREE consultation session by signing up at the bottom of this page. Find out what our experts can offer you and see if we’re the right fit for your business with no risk or obligation. Discover how Oscillosoft can solve your business and CRM problems today!

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