3 Problems Small Businesses Face Everyday

//3 Problems Small Businesses Face Everyday
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If you’re running a small business, especially in Australia there are many problems and issues you have to over come on a daily basis. The struggle is huge and to make matter worse the Government has so many red tape hurdles that you have to comply with that it almost makes the whole idea of starting your own business seem out of the question.

1. Keeping staff. This is a huge issue and finding, training and retaining quality staff is a huge issue. I suppose this has been going on for many years but with the rise in popularity of many social media platforms and employment websites, staff retention is becoming harder and harder. Sites like Seek make it so easy for a staff member to go online and search for a new job within minutes. Any issues at work, they will soon be on these types of sites looking for other employment. Basically, your business can become a revolving door when it comes to staff.

2. Government compliance and red tape. This is a massive issue and many small businesses simply can’t keep up with the amount of paper work required to be Government compliant. Words like gst, staff superannuation, workers compensation, holiday pay, annual leave and loading, BAS statements, company tax, personal tax are all buzz words enough to drive many small business owners insane. How on earth are you meant to keep up with all the paper work and run a business at the same time? In some cases it can prove too hard for people.

3. The last issue that many small business face on a day to day basis is managing their clients and the entire sales process. How do they track orders, how do they stay in touch with their clients, how do the keep accounting records, how do they manage outstanding debts, how do they collect these debts and how do they know when they become overdue and how do you stay in touch with these clients on a regular basis. It’s a nightmare and it’s only going to get harder the longer you leave it.

Luckily there is a solution for many small businesses to help them alleviate some of the stresses of running a business and that’s by having the team at Oscillosoft come around and work out a CRM solution that will help streamline their business practices. Not only can it help them manage their existing client base but it will help them manage the entire sales cycle. With the extra time on your hands that Oscillosoft has freed up for you, you can put your attention and energies into other parts of your business such as generating new revenue streams and getting more clients.

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