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What’s New in Zoho CRM 2016?

Today, we are putting the spotlight on one of the most underrated features of the all-new Zoho CRM 2016- Accessing Recent Items. Not so many users are familiar or have realised how they can use the recent items navigation at the bottom of your Zoho Dashboard as quick access to pages you’ve previously worked on.

In this video, you will be able to learn:

  • How to access your recent items
  • Move from one item to another
  • Customise your settings
  • Access and Update data on recently visited reports

This new feature in  Zoho CRM allows you  to view recent records that you have visited around the CRM. It will list down 20 recent records that has been visited allowing you to access them without going to their actual location.

The one click option to view your recent records enable you quick access to update any data or changes needed to be done. It saves your time and you can leave your hassle of searching the recent data again back in the CRM.

Easily navigate to your recent data make most out of ZOHO CRM. This time saving feature lets you focus more on providing effective service to your customers not the other way around.

To learn how you can access your Recent Items, watch the video above.

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