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Conditional layouts in Zoho

Do you have multiple businesses within your Deals module? This can be quite difficult to manage if you are unaware of conditional layouts in Zoho CRM. So how can conditional layouts help you manage multiple businesses? To answer that, you must understand what conditional layouts are and how this will help you manage your business more efficiently.

Zoho Implementation of Conditional Layouts

Conditional layouts will allow you to control your layouts within your modules using dependency fields. It is an interface that will help you seamlessly manage dependency between fields in a layout. This means that you will be able to control what you want to appear in your deals layout based on your selection criteria in the certain fields. Your sales are often inter-dependant which means that your sales deal will be dependent on each other.

Consider these following scenarios:

If you’re in a real estate company, the particulars required from a customer may be different because your customer may choose to buy an apartment or a house. Given that the customer has these two options it will contradict the other sales option which means that you will need to layout 2 different sets in order to close the deal.

In an automotive company where you have to sell different types of vehicles, your customer may choose between a van or truck, sports car or a casual car. Again there will be differences in each sale and will require a different form of layout.

Basically, the value you entered for one field will not necessarily be required in the other fields. So for a sports car which has 10 fields you may only need 5 fields when compared to the casual car. Here’s where conditional layouts come in, conditional layouts are created with layout rules in which you will be able to establish in an interface in which certain fields are shown depending on the value you entered in the previous field.

As a result, you will be able to make your own layouts dynamic, as the entire structure of a layout changes based on fields values you enter. Based on specific field values, you will be able to make fields and sections appear or disappear and mark fields that are mandatory.

There are many more features you can use in Zoho CRM which will ultimately enhance your business and help manage your time more efficiently. Getting proper Zoho Consulting will enhance your skills in Zoho CRM and will increase the productivity of your business.

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