Customer Satisfaction as a Tool to Enhance Your Business

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There has been a transition from the transactional economy to relationship economy in last couple of years. The change has implicated leaders from small and large organization to rethink their business strategy and build propositions that revolve around customer needs.

Customer behaviour is changing and the business needs to move towards extended participation of customers in creation of products and services.

What is in there for Customer Service?

More measures needs to be taken by the business to counter the current situation for a broader period rather than using it as a short term solution. Once the businesses start to do it, they will value customer satisfaction as an indicator of the performance and prosperity. With economy becoming more relation oriented; the relation with customer, employees, suppliers and partners everything becomes important in success of an organisation.

Integrating different channels will create a seamless service experience.Business can also use authentic customer behavioural data in creating personalised offerings and innovations that will help in creating a long lasting relationship.

With majority of GDP coming from service and manufacturing sector it has become important for the performance of individual organisation and even employability.

Areas that Need to be Focused

There are three key areas that have experienced biggest decline in the satisfaction index. These are responsiveness, dealing with the problems and issues belonging to attitude of staff, their competency and behaviour.

This means that the businesses will have to work harder to get in touch with the customer to develop plans and strategies to use all available resources and capability at their disposal. Treating the symptom is not enough to clean the wound, root analysis of the situation is more important.

ROI and Customer Service

One of the areas which need attention is the relationship between customer and business. The customer satisfaction and result of sales and market growth are directly proportional. Organisation with the higher satisfaction index has received higher sale growth. There is also a distinct relation between satisfaction and trust.

Customer Service and Employee

Building trust with customer will not be everything organisations need to build trust among the employees also. The employee engagement is a constant driver of the customer service and business performance. As economy grows recruitment of skilled and trained employees are desired.

Two things that employers need to see in their employees are:

  •     Employee should feel proud working
  •     Employee should feel empowered to do the right thing for customers

It is a complex time where pace of change is quite high. Businesses need to change according to the changing scenario. The customers now are more demanding and organisations are trying hard to get in line with their demands. The only thing that will work is long term sustainable solution.


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