How to Eliminate Production Inefficiencies with Zoho Development

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If you’re in the manufacturing industry, it’s important to establish connections with consumers and suppliers across the globe. This is to ensure the success and growth of your business, especially in this day and age when competition is stiff and consumer needs are ever-changing. Good thing Zoho development is there to help you navigate your way so you can tailor your product offerings to better fit the needs of local customers.

According to folks at Zoho, one way to do this is through localised manufacturing, or establishing manufacturing units in places where you have lots of customers. Apart from helping you get closer to your customers, it can also help you take advantage of low labour cost and make it easier for you to meet the demands of consumers.

When you establish local manufacturing units, it’s important that you also have a central repository for all of your data to ensure timely and accurate exchange of information between headquarters and the local manufacturing units. Also, quality standards, procedures and policies, employee training guidelines, and other vital information must be consistent throughout to ensure quality products and services. Otherwise, you could potentially lose business due to unavailability of products, delay in shipment, and other interdepartmental issues.

Another important issue you should address when setting up local manufacturing units is overcoming what they call as the “bullwhip effect.” The bullwhip effect is basically a phenomenon wherein small changes in the demand for a product are magnified as we move up the supply chain. Fortunately, the issues it can bring can be easily overcome through sound CRM sale management.

1. Demand forecasting – this occurs when everyone in the supply chain adds a percentage to their demand forecast due to a fear of having an out-of-stock situation. To remedy this problem, you must establish a shared documentation system to give everyone easy access to Point of Sale (POS) data.

2. Order batching – this occurs when supply chain members opt for larger, less frequent orders in order to minimise ordering costs. To solve this problem, a centralised documentation system must be set up so each member can update order quantity and inform upstream members when needed.

3. Lead time – to significantly reduce lead time, a system that will allow every department supply chain members to seamlessly communicate and exchange data must be established.

Zoho Docs is a reliable documentation system that allows you to solve the problems discussed above. It allows you to streamline information flow between different departments and supply chain members without affecting your current IT infrastructure. What’s more, implementing it isn’t that expensive.

Want to take advantage of the benefits Zoho integration can provide? Then contact us today! We’ll be more than happy to set up a centralised documentation system for you so you can make the most of localised manufacturing.


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