How does Zoho CRM help you Manage Sales Performance?

/How does Zoho CRM help you Manage Sales Performance?

Sales performance Management is the practice of monitoring and guiding your sales team to improve their performance and increase their ability to sell products. Your sales team is the most important asset in your company, which is why you must always keep them motivated and provide them with appropriate tools to perform better. This is also where Zoho Integration comes in and using the SPM tool, you can manage your sales team’s performance and implement a positive working environment for them.

Zoho CRM help you Manage Sales Performance

Here are some Zoho CRM SPM Tools to help you and your team perform better

SPM software is used for goal setting and planning, feedback, skill development, and performance review. The following tools will be able to help you achieve all these goals with the proper Zoho implementation.

Territory Management – The primary use of this tool is to categorize the workload of your sales team based on the geographic location of the customers. To access and customize this feature, go to the setup option of your CRM, under users and controls you will see the option Territory Management.

Gamescope – This feature uses activities done in your sales pipeline and turns them into a game. This is not a monitoring tool and the sole purpose of this tool is to make work fun for your sales team. This will allow them to enjoy and will allow them to have friendly competitions among them.  To access this tool, simply access the setup option of your CRM, and under general you will be able to see Gamescope.

Motivator – is a sales activity management tool and is an add-on specifically for Zoho CRM. It works by turning data in to valuable business insights and enables you to monitor any CRM issues that may occur. You will also be able to ration out your targets, this means that you can set targets for your sales team. This also lets you track their achievements which make it easier for you to come up with contests in order to motivate your sales team.

Advanced Analytics – in the end, in order to ensure that your company is being productive you will need to have reports which can monitor the progress. These analytics will be perfect for you if you wish to plan ahead and think of ways to better increase your revenue. With this tool you will be able to see your company’s path, where it currently is, and how it’s going to turn out as you continue with your current path.


Achieving a great productivity with Zoho CRM

Productivity comes from 5 activities which is to create, do, complete, evaluate, and repeat. Using these tools, you will be able to fully maximize your company’s productivity. Since SPM is still new, it’s also great if you will get the proper Zoho consulting in order to fully utilize these tools to your advantage.


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