Maximize Your Business Potentials with ZOHO CRM-Moodle Integration

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Moodle is a popular immensely customizable open source learning management solution that aims at creating a simplified next-gen learning environment. It becomes a major win when integrated with Zoho CRM for developing web services. Zoho CRM Moodle Integration allows users to sync data to and from CRM contacts, leads, accounts, user objectives and potentials to other systems on the web. This integration updates data in Zoho and Moodle as it takes place, which means the data, will always be up-to-date. The Zoho CRM-Moodle integration offers effective, dynamic and scalable solutions seamlessly!

For instance, if you belong to the education industry, you should implement the Zoho CRM and Moodle platform integration for deploying a cost effective learning management system and Student Record Management. You could create student’s store, teacher’s records, holistic course scores/grades, Upcoming courses and many related stuff in CRM and Moodle system. It even allows you to create enrolments and logins for courses.

We at Oscillosoft enable “multi-directional” Zoho CRM Moodle Integration, means you can connect multiple systems to have flow of data between them. The Zoho CRM is among our most productive online applications, which helps you make the most of your business endeavours in one or all the following ways:

  • Reduce Cost–

Most companies spend a hefty sum to design their LMS solutions. The Zoho-CRM Moodle integration can drastically reduce costs as Moodle is primarily free and customizing the platform doesn’t need you to hire experienced professional. All features are built in and available at the click of a button

  • Fun and Interactive-

When coming to online courses most participants complain about boredom and repetitive content. The Zoho CRM-Moodle mix helps you create engaging and fun content which enables you develop your staff’s aptitude and business knowledge thereby improving their performance.

  • Reduce Paperwork-

‘Paperless’ is what defines the new age business. Since the entire integrated platform works on PCs and mobile there is practically no requirement of maintaining records/ databases on piles of papers. All the information is available on demand at the click of a button.

  • On Demand Support-

We offer a state of art- ‘on-time’ support for all your ‘Zo-odle’ (That’s what we like to call IT!) requirements. Our experienced professionals value your business and understand the criticality of offering a timely and precise solution to any queries you might have with the Zoho CRM Moodle platform. This helps foster business and reduces any downtime due to CRM applications not working.


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