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Welcome to Zoho Custom CRM Solutions and MessageMedia Gateway – creating custom applications that suits your business requirements and allow you to be able to get more out of your Zoho CRM software.

So What’s New in Zoho CRM?

In this video, we will be featuring the MessageMedia Gateway integration in Zoho and how you can utilise this app to improve your SMS marketing strategy.

SMS marketing has long been a popular lead management strategy. Everybody is on mobile nowadays. According to 2015 statistics, smartphone ownership in Australia spiked to more than 15 million, with average time spent increased to 63%.

This is not merely an Australian phenomenon. Smartphones and tablets are the most used devices in the world. It has been the primary means to communication since the telephone.

The 2016 Zoho CRM has improved its integration with MessageMedia Gateway making it easier for marketers to connect their accounts with Zoho leads.

Here are the things we will be covering for this video:

  • Accessing MessageMedia Gateway through Zoho
  • Sending SMS through Zoho using MessageMedia Gateway
  • Overview of SMS Templates and Creating Custom SMS Messages
  • Selecting Contacts for SMS Blast
  • Sorting and Filtering Untapped Leads

MessageMedia Gateway is one of the leading SMS Messaging solutions provider in the UK and in Australia. Businesses use MessageMedia Gateway to send SMS alerts and notifications, text appointment reminders, banking and security, billing and payments, customer feedback, debt collection, marketing and promotions, sales and service, and staff and rostering.

By integrating your MessageMedia Gateway account to your Zoho CRM, managing your leads is easier and has become more effective.

You may use the preset templates in MessageMedia Gateway in sending SMS blast. Or, you may create a custom message.

To learn more about how you can access MessageMedia integration to Zoho, watch the video above.

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