Why You Need to Invest in a Good CRM Software

//Why You Need to Invest in a Good CRM Software

The impact of positive experience on your customers has immeasurable benefits for any business. Not only does it give your brand a good reputation, it is also an effective way to retain existing clients and most importantly, get referrals.

Nothing is more valuable in a business than a referral. It is the highest converting form of lead generation as humans are more likely to believe the word of someone they trust. So if a business can ensure to provide customers with a positive experience, the higher the chances that these same customers will recommend that brand to for their friends and family to try.

ClickFox found that 1 in 2 people will tell their friends about a negative experience. The study of 440 consumers also found that 35% would stop doing business with the company altogether.

Investing in a reliable CRM software is beneficial in improving business operations and client retention. CRM apps like Zoho can create a foolproof system for you that makes lead and customer management easier and organized.

Today, CRM functions beyond receiving and responding to customer messages. Most software today are capable of interconnecting other apps and channels where your customer can reach you. Zoho CRM, for example, allows you to integrate social media channels, email apps, invoicing apps, and SMS marketing tools into their systems. Thus, making is an effective all-in-one platform to use in order to effectively connect customers and leads.

How CRM software helped businesses?

According to Global Customer Service Study, 3 out of 4 consumers admitted to spend more money on businesses who have provided them with a positive experience.

It is natural for customers to expect good service from businesses. But going an extra mile can reap more benefits for brands. As what has been said in the study, a positive consumer experience may lead to more sales.

Customers leave businesses because of the service not the price of your product. Study by The Rockefeller Corporation shows that 82% of customers will leave because they think that businesses do not care about them. Customers want to be treated as individuals. They want to feel like they matter to you and you care beyond making a sale.

Trackvia.com also reports that CRM software help improve client retention by 27%. It is easier to sell to an existing client as compared to a new one. With a good CRM software, you can effectively build a long lasting relationship with your existing clients. BuddyCRM.com reported that businesses recorded an increase of 41% in revenue.


A smart business is a business that puts customers first. In fact, for 2016, investing in CRM software is a top priority for many businesses as they aim to improve customer retention and customer satisfaction.

As the CRM industry continues to grow, businesses are already focusing on understanding a customer’s behavior, what they want and what they need. Don’t get left behind.

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