What you need to know with Zoho CRM’s Burst SMS Extension Features

/What you need to know with Zoho CRM’s Burst SMS Extension Features

Zoho CRM has helped many businesses grow and as new technology continues to develop. Zoho CRM does the same and continues to develop new Zoho extensions that will further help business development. One of the challenges most business have is that they are unable to maintain and communicate with their potentials and leads. However, Zoho CRM has developed a new extension that will be perfect for the job. This is the Burst SMS Extension. Here are the features of Burst SMS extension and how it can help you manage your leads, contacts, and potentials.

What you need to know with Zoho CRM’s Burst SMS Extension Features

Zoho CRM’s Burst SMS Features

Burst SMS lets you create a custom SMS that can easily be sent using the program. You can then view your SMS history and check to whom you’ve sent, what message was sent, and the specific time it’s sent.  This extension also lets you schedule your SMS, you can easily add a specific time and date, and it will automatically be saved in your SMS history which will show the status of the schedule.

Aside from sending individual SMS to your prospects, you can also send messages in bulk. Using Zoho sheets view, just add your messages in the fields and save. Then just go back to the extension and click on all those whom you wish to send the new custom email, and then click on the send Bulk SMS. This feature is perfect for those who have a lot of SMS to send to clients and will save a huge amount of time rather than sending the SMS one by one.

Another great feature in this extension is that you can set up event reminders. You can set a specific time and date for the Burst SMS extension to send the SMS and it will remind the receiver using a custom template on a particular event. This feature is useful for those who constantly forget their appointments or for reminding one of a future appointment that will most likely be forgotten.

Why do you need BURST SMS?

With the proper Zoho implementations, Burst SMS will be able to help you communicate between all your leads and contacts using a different level of approach.  Send automated SMS using predefined workflows, which will allow you to send SMS to your prospects in their most convenient time. Tracking will also be easier and you will have a full view of all your SMS using the Burst SMS History. This includes all SMS sent using your CRM and all received messages from your contacts or leads. If you still lack the necessary skills in implementing this extension for your business, then you can always get the necessary Zoho consultation from Zoho CRM experts.

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