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So What’s New in Zoho CRM?

Today, we are putting the spotlight on one of the best features in the all-new Zoho CRM called SalesSignals Notifications.

SalesSignals are notifications that you receive in your Zoho CRM account about your customers’ interactions with you across various communication channels including email, missed calls, survey responses, support tickets, Zoho campaigns, Zoho social, etc.

This is an effective feature that allows you to get immediately notified of messages you receive from urgent clients, be able to attend to them directly, and be able to make effective sales decision.

Here’s what’s in store for you in this video module:

  • Setup your SalesSignals Notifications from Zoho CRM Dashboard
  • How to Read through Notifications
  • How to Configure SalesSignals
  • How to View Activities Done with a Contact
  • How to Act on Untapped Messages through Different Communication Channels

In customer relations management, timing is critical to business success. Today, customers can engage with a brand through different platforms. Aside from emails, your customers can connect with you through other communication platforms like social media.

Without an effective CRM, you are likely to miss the opportunity of connecting to your audience when possible. This is the primary benefit of having an all-in-one salesforce tool like Zoho CRM. You can literally strike when the iron is hot and be able to convert that lead into sale.

SalesSignals combined with Zoho Analytics provide insight on your customers’ behaviour. You and your team must understand what makes your customer respond, what message have effectively engaged them, and where (which channel) they prefer to contact you or where they found you. Connect the dots and be able to increase your revenue.

SalesSignals allows your team to effectively engage customers exactly when it is needed. It helps you understand your customer’s behaviour and determine which factors have triggered a response on their end.

To learn more about SalesSignals, watch the video module above.

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