Scope Creep – 5 Ways It Can Spoil Your Project

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Each project has its scope that needs to be met, the goals, and the target date that you need to accomplish before introducing the product or service to your clients. And in each project, you may expect your client to request another function, or wants more adjustment that was not actually part of the planning, as a result, if you ignore such requests, you may not get the approval of your client. Another scenario will be that if you accept the request and soon you will find out that the request is too complex that will cause you more money and more time. These scenarios are what we call the scope creep and it is very common. Below are the causes of scope creep and the best way to avoid them.

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1. Unclear project vision

A clear vision is needed to complete a project without any issues, when you as a project manager plan ahead and plan better, then you will have a better result. Each project will surely have changes along the way, as a project manager, you have to decide on whether or not to implement these changes.

2. Being too rigid or too flexible

When it comes to project management, you will need to find balance between being flexible to changes and not being flexible with deadlines and payments. Remember that when handling projects, time should not be taken for granted as well as the hours billed.

3. Failing to set expectations

When meeting with clients for a possible project, do not expect them to give you all the details. Not setting the right expectations will result to additional work and confusion. So to avoid any issues with the project, ask many questions as you can, everything must be clear, and set the right expectations.

4. Not learning to say no

When a project manager always says yes, the project is prone to scope creep. Again, being undecided in the project will cost you time and money. As a project manager, and if you encounter major changes, learn to say no if it will surely cause issues, or learn to make it as a mini project and will be done after the existing project is completed.

5. Having poor communication

Having a big team means that there is a possibility to have a poor communication between team members. To avoid this, look for team management tools that you can use to keep the team unite, create and follow up tasks, setting up reminders, team meetings, and proper collaboration.

To be able to finish your project on time and not having any scope creep, you will need to have a thorough planning, being decisive, and having clear and smart communication. Zoho Projects is a free online web based project planning / collaboration management software tool that helps get your projects done faster. Contact us today to know more about how you can avoid scope creep and be on top on your project any time with Zoho Projects.


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