Simplifying Employee Communication with Zoho People

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Communication is crucial for any company, which usually becomes challenging especially for businesses that are quickly expanding.

Zoho People

Zoho People is one of the apps in Zoho that allows employees, management and human resources to communicate effectively. It is a powerful tool that lets HR centralise and secure employee data and make administrative actions manageable from a central location.

Zoho People strengthens internal communication. Its features allows the company to keep all employees in the loop much more conveniently as compared to other forms of communication apps.

Here are the features on Zoho People, which can greatly help improve the flow of communication in your company.

The Self-Service Portal

The Self-Service Portal in Zoho People is the most important component in employee-HR communication. The portal provides universal access wherein the HR can regularly deliver important information to employees through announcements, sending quick reminders, or quick links.

The Dashboard

The dashboard’s layout on Zoho People is designed for users to quickly retrieve data or acquire information they need at all times. Since both HR and employees have access to the same data, meetings run more efficiently and emails can be made more concise.

Notification and Reminders

Zoho People can help users set up automatic emails to send to their employees as reminders to complete their tasks or timesheets, or as notifications for pending approvals.

The Performance Appraisal Module

Get personalised feedback from management and peers through the Performance Appraisal Module. Today, the trend giving appraisal is no longer exclusive for management. It has become more inclusive of other members of the organisation.

Zoho People’s Performance Appraisal feature lets peers rate each other by providing feedback on their working experience with their teammate. It also makes use of a social media style of UI which records all comments in a feed; thus, it’s definitely more casual than an evaluation form.

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