Small business advice: reduce your paperwork with Zoho

//Small business advice: reduce your paperwork with Zoho
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Like so many small to medium sized businesses out there in Australia the is they face is what to do when they start to grow and get bigger as the business expands. Many business owners are simply out of their depth when it comes to paper work, invoicing, keeping up with the quote paper trail or simply do not know what to do when it comes to the simplest form of email marketing.

This is a reoccurring problem for many businesses who have grown organically and have not had time or the technical expertise to even think about automating their business processes and bringing them into the modern era. It doesn’t matter the business niche or size, you could be a builder or a tradie, even a law firm or an online Ecommerce business; it doesn’t matter the problems they all face in terms of streamlining their business processes are all the same.

Luckily, there is a nifty and very handy platform and this is called Zoho. In a nutshell, Zoho is a cloud based solution for you business that can let you effectively handle all your HR, Finance, all your sales and marketing automation, client relationships management, business processes workflows, even quoting and invoicing and managing your client data base. It’s simple, really easy to use and best of all Oscillosoft will help you implement this and train you in how to best use it for optimal business performance.

Here’s an example of how Zoho can radically improve a businesses efficiency in the education sector.

Just imagine you have a college or are in the education sector but have never used a system like Zoho before. What Zoho can do is help with:

– admissions management

– track inbound student inquiry leads

– handle all leads via a ticket management system

– help teachers evaluate student performance using Zoho survey

– send email and SMS campaigns to students and staff to keep them informed 24/7

– Zoho helps strengthen the relationship between students and teachers

If your in the education sector and you have not been using Zoho or are looking to boost student retention rates as well as sales then you really need to be taking a very close look at the huge potential that a cloud based CRM system like Zoho can do for your business.

Zoho is not only limited to the education sector and it’s application has been used Australia wide in other areas such as building and construction, IT and telecoms, Digital design agencies, travel, finance as well as Government and Not For Profits. You will quickly see that the positives benefits and out comes for your business are huge and more importantly they are immediate.

So, if you are one of those businesses or organisations that have been putting off implementing a CRM now is the time to do something about it and take a really close look at Zoho. It’s an 1 hour free consultation so you really have nothing to loose. Call 1300 301 771.


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