SMS Integration with Zoho CRM

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SMS Integration with Zoho CRM

The whole world has embraced mobile technology, so why shouldn’t your Zoho CRM go mobile too? With our SMS Integration add-on now it’s possible. Leverage the power of you Zoho CRM with third party SMS (test messaging) platforms such as DirectSMS, Clickatell,  allowing users to send and receive SMS right from within your Zoho CRM LEADS and CONTACTS.

Features Include

  • Manually send SMS from LEADS or CONTACTS
  • Send SMS based on Workflow
  • SMS Message Templates
  • SMS Text History
  • Delivery Reports
  • Auto Character Limits

What It looks like In Your Zoho CRM

  • SMS Template: CRM users will get a new module tab SMS Templates, where user can see all the templates

  • Create New SMS Template: By clicking “+ New SMS Template” (as shown in previous image) there will be new form to create a template by giving a template name and SMS content that you want to send. You are allowed to use CRM fields for CRM Users like {User.First Name}, {User.Mobile}, {User.Phone} and Leads / Contacts like {First Name}, {Last Name}, {Email}

  • Send SMS: You can send a custom SMS or select a template. Select Lead Name or Contact Name, to whom you want to send that SMS.

*Don’t touch on System Fields, it is automatically set by system.

  • Failed SMS: If SMS failed to send, then in the Note Section it will be listed the reason.

  • Replied SMS: If a SMS sent successfully and user sent reply, the replied SMS on that sent SMS will be listed here.

  • SMS History in Contact Detail: You can see the SMS log or history for each contact from Contact Details

How It Works

  • You will need to have version of Zoho CRM at least Professional or Enterprise if you want time based workflow
  • Open an account with DirectSMS or CLICKATELL.
  • Send us your details for 1 and 2 and we will set it up 1 off fee $500
  • Thats it and you start testing

Cost Of SMS

This is as per the SMS gateway provider DIrectSMS or Clickatell. You subscribe and pay them directly. Once you SMS pack runs out you just top up via their web site.

SMS Gateway

If you have other SMS gateway provider and want us to connect just let us know which provider and we will get it done within a week.

On Going Maintenance

Once it is setup it does not require any maintenance.

Technology Used

zoho campaigns
zoho campaigns
  • PHP and MySQL
  • CRM Workflow
  • CRM Custom Functions Scripting

*PHP code needs be hosted on your domain.


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