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Saying thank you is not that difficult, but, being business owners and managers, we tend to focus on how to improve the company’s processes, to increase sales, and to deliver our products and services on time, and appreciate customers who trusted and believed on us. And with the services and products that Zoho offers, they will make sure that customers will be appreciated, as this is actually what they want, who does not want to be appreciated anyway?

zoho crm thank you

A whole new suite of features has enabled means to appreciate customers more easily. Here’s how:

Remember special days

It is great to remember important dates of your customers, milestones and birthdays. You may be able to send an email, or a personal call just to say thank you, this is one of the best ways to show your appreciation and gratitude.

Zoho’s Solution: Zoho CRM have the time based actions where you can schedule alerts or task for a certain date. An example will be that when you manage to close a deal, and enter this in the Zoho CRM, you will be notified after one year for this great milestone with your customer.

Listening to customers

Understanding what your customers’ feedback about your business or organization and making the necessary improvements will result to happier clients and long term relationships. 

Zoho’s Solution: An application called Zoho Survey can be used to create a NPS Survey that your clients can use to deliver what they think and feel about your business. And when integration happens between Zoho Survey and Zoho CRM, the survey results of your clients will appear on the clients’ profile page. Once the survey is done, you will now know what your clients feel about you, and this is the best opportunity to make improvements and continuously do what they like the most.

Contact current customers proactively

One of the great options that you will be able to have is to closely monitor customers who frequently visits your website and look for other products. Knowing this activity will give you that chance to contact your customer and ask if you will be able to help. Simple thing to do but will greatly benefit you and your customer.

Zoho’s Solution: With another amazing service called the Zoho SalesIQ and when integrated with Zoho CRM will help you to determine on what pages are your customer visiting, this will help your sales marketing team to have an idea on what your customer might need.

Staying connected to your loyal customers

Sending emails or letters to your loyal customers and show them your appreciation on having a part of your business will surely come a long way.

Zoho’s Solution: With the availability of Zoho Campaigns and being integrated to your Zoho CRM, you will be able to customize email campaigns that are targeted to specific customers. Keeping the message, simple, direct and personal, your customers will be delighted.

Publicly recognize your clients

One of the most used platforms nowadays are social media, these platforms are the best ways to recognize your customers, and with that, again you will make your customers happy and satisfied.

Zoho’s Solution: Another great application called Zoho Social where you can post in social media and recognize your customers as well as interact with them.

With so many business systems available in the market, it is imperative that you are clear regarding your needs. It is recommended that you consult a professional prior to investing to a CRM. If you are still not sure how can a CRM can help build and nurture customer relationships, feel free to book a 1-hour free consultation with us today!


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