Is Twitter an Effective Customer Service Tool?

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There’s an ongoing debate of whether or not Twitter or any Social Media channel in the matter, is effective in providing customer service. While there are some who strongly agrees, there are those who opposes as well.

twitter as crm toolTruth of the matter is, there are still a handful of businesses who are inactive on social media. And we believe they’re missing a great deal of opportunity to reach their target audience and make a mark.

Here at Oscillosoft, we believe that social media can play a powerful role in providing effective customer service. Primarily because by being proactive on social media, you cater to your clients on platform they prefer to use. The number one rule to sales and marketing is to be where your audiences are online. And most of the time, people are on social media be it on Facebook or Twitter.

Not all prospects are ready to close a sale, which is why they need other avenues to reach the brand that would eliminate their fears of getting railed in for a sales talk.

Consumers are smart. They know that if they try to reach you through your hotline or through email, they will be convinced by your sales department to buy something when in fact, they are still on the decision making stage. They aren’t fully convinced yet that they need this product, which is why they want to learn more about you and your product.

Social media is the best way to exchange information and details with a potential customer without them thinking that you are going to force them to buy something. With social media, everything is a bit more casual; thus, making it the best avenue for the brand and customer to communicate.

On the other hand, while Twitter is an effective tool to use for customer service, it shouldn’t be your only tool or your only strategy perse. Remember that interested and decided buyers are those who are already knocking on your front door-the enquiries you receive from your contact form and chat support. Social media is the lead magnet you will use to pull the potential customers into your pipedrive, wherein hopefully, they leave an email address or a contact number.

Invest in a good CRM software that can integrate enquiries coming from your social media channels. The initial issue faced by businesses in the past is the inconvenience of checking and managing multiple platforms. With a top notch CRM, you can have a one-stop-shop platform that integrates all of your channels for you. Not only does it save you time, but it also helps you get immediately notified of all messages.

Zoho CRM, for example, lets your customer service representatives cater to enquiries from Twitter and Facebook on the same platform that they are using for emails and chat. You may also customise the dashboard setting according to your preference.

Haven’t tried using a CRM yet? Talk to one of Oscillosoft’s experts today! Let’s start growing your business.


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