What is Zoho2Xero Integration?

/What is Zoho2Xero Integration?

Zoho CRM is always a great tool you can use to help your business in managing its sales and marketing processes. It is one of the most effective CRM tools that have features that are user-friendly and can create a huge impact in your business growth. Xero on the other hand, is an application that you can use to help easily manage your accounting in your business and more efficiently. If you are able to combine these two applications, then you will be able to create a more suitable platform for your business which will help to increase its overall productivity.

This is where zoho2xero integration comes in, this integration will synchronise all the data between these two applications with smart validation rules to prevent any duplicates. Besides with this plug-in, lets focus more on your business rather than spending countless hours doing data administration.

Why should you use zoho2xero integration?

Why should you use Zoho2Xero integration?

This Zoho to Xero synchronisation will help increase your data accuracy. The integration will sync all the data in both applications which are the accounts and contacts, vendors and contacts, products, invoices and purchase orders.  This eliminates any double entries and will easily connect your sales team to your accounting team. They will have a 360 degree view of all data in both applications which will help create more effective reports, save time and reduce labour costs.

This application is perfect to use if you need duplicate prevention, no double entry and updates which you can use from both sides. This integration is also effective if you wish to work with the same, correct and update information using these two different applications simultaneously.

How does the Zoho2Xero integration work?

When a LEAD is converted into a contact or account in Zoho, then a contact will be automatically created in Xero if it doesn’t exist there. This works the same when you create an invoice in Zoho it will also create an invoice in Xero. If the invoice is reconciled in Xero it will automatically push back the status to Zoho. If any records that you create or manipulate fail to sync in both applications, then you will automatically receive an alert saying why or which data did not sync.

Applying Xero to Zoho integration will definitely create a more suitable platform for you and your employees. This will help teams in your business to work together without them having the trouble of checking through or inputting data in the applications they use. Not having to worry about duplicates data entries will definitely create a more effective team and will enhance your business efficiency.

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