Why SecurePay Perfectly Pairs With Zoho Books

//Why SecurePay Perfectly Pairs With Zoho Books

Zoho offers many applications that help businesses manage their day-to-day operations. Among them is Zoho Books, a smart accounting software. You can use this application for end-to-end accounting processes, from increasing the sales orders to processing invoices. This integrated platform allows you to add more of Zoho’s apps for easy collaboration. Zoho Invoice is integrated with major online payment gateways like SecurePay. It is the Australian Post’s resident payment gateway. Therefore, you can receive payments for your invoices online.

Why Businesses Prefer Zoho Books

There are several reasons why Many businesses choose Zoho Books over other accounting software. In 2019, Zoho Books became a finalist of Accounting Web UK’s Software Excellence Awards in the SME’s category. Zoho Books was nominated together with QuickBooks Online, Xero, and other accounting software giants. While in 2018, Zoho Books won the Great User Experience, Supreme Software and Expert’s Choice Awards.

So, it’s no wonder many entrepreneurs and business owners use Zoho Books for accounting and data management. Aside from the awards, the accounting software is best known for its accessibility in handling finances. It can monitor cash flow within small to medium businesses. Since it belongs to the productivity suite of Zoho, it saves time by doing the following:

  • automate workflows
  • eliminate problems between sales and accounting departments
  • integrate with various major online payment gateways
  • operate within a well-integrated system
  • streamline online transactions

The integration transforms the tedious accounting process into a hassle-free receipt of payments through process automation, such as bookkeeping. Oscillosoft has been a significant contributor by adding major online payment gateway solutions for all business structures. The expert team at Oscillosoft successfully built integration of Zoho Books and SecurePay.

Should You Consider SecurePay with Zoho Books?

Like PayPal, SecurePay is a third-party payment solution. It is popular in the Australian market. With SecurePay, online payments become easier due to the additional layers of security. Not only that, but It also decreases the challenges in transacting any amount. The reason for this is that all major cards are accepted, including internet payment options. SecurePay has known to power over 100,000 businesses that range from start-ups to large enterprises. Their vast presence, expertise, and innovation for hassle-free daily payments help customers trust the brand.

OscilloSoft has brought SecurePay, a world-class payment option, into the all-rounder accounting platform, Zoho Books. The user within the organization can follows a few easy steps to streamline the process. As a result, there is a high capability of achieving high-level objectives.

  1. With the help of this integration, Zoho Books users can make payments using SecurePay with a click of a button from the sections of “Sales Orders” and “Invoices.”
  2. OscilloSoft created an exclusive page that serves as a link between Zoho Books and SecurePay. It aids the user input the customer’s card details and submits or completes payment within minutes. The user can quickly collect the card information from the customer and reduce the tedious task time.
  3. Once a payment is submitted successfully, an invoice is automatically created and available in Zoho Books. From an accounting perspective, efficiency is improved. Payments associated with their respective invoices are made, which helps track cash flow.

How SecurePay and Zoho Books Work

The Zoho Books user is the principal stakeholder. Payment can either be made through “Sales Orders” or through “Invoices” in Zoho Books. The “Pay Using SecurePay” button will direct the user to the gateway extension to make a payment through Sales Orders. After inputting the card details and successfully making the payment, the user is headed back to the Sales Order page where the Invoice is generated. The price associated with that specific Invoice is completed with the status changed to “Closed.” 

When a payment is made through Invoices, the same procedure is followed. After the payment is made, the user is directed back to the Invoices page where the status changes to “Paid.”  With the combination of Zoho Books and SecurePay, businesses can:

  • collaborate with the client portal
  • save time with automation
  • stay on top of finances through powerful reporting
  • track real-time inventory

With these features, the true meaning of ubiquitous computing comes into play. A user can interact with the computer of any form with any device, in any location and format. The integration is available in any industry, from retail and photography to education and training. Whether you’re dealing with a one-off payment, a split amount, repeat transactions, or even high volume transactions, Oscillosoft can create a payment workflow for you using Zoho Books.

Contact us today and let us integrate Zoho Books and any payment gateway via API. Switch to smart accounting today! You can sign up for a FREE one-hour consultation with OscilloSoft and learn to manage your business more proficiently.

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