The Wonders of Screen Sharing and ZOHO Implementation

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Zoho Screen Sharing

In this day and age of utter advancement of technology, trainings sectors are slowly catching up with the digital trends, such as ZOHO implementation in their mentoring segments. Through this educators and trainers are able to seamlessly incorporate their teachings in an easy-to-follow and interactive module through the wonders of screen sharing.

Initially it is important to define the thought of screen sharing. According to experts, screen sharing is a fast and efficient way of projecting a certain topic or visual presentation to an entire class in actual time. Through this, the trainer will be able to incorporate his or her presentation to his or her students in order to clearly indicate a discussion. It is an awesome way to teach students about topics such as CRM tools without the complexity of talking them through it.

The Benefits of Screen Sharing

Here are three reasons why you might want to invest on this cool tool:

No. 1: No need for wires, no need for hassle. One of the most stressful things about presentations and lectures, aside from the discussion itself, is looking for plugs, dongles, and connectors that will match your device. This is especially relevant if the team you’re about to give a talk to has a mix of different types of gadgets such as laptops, tablets, and any other mobile devices. This is where the benefits of screen sharing can truly shine. All you need is a decent WiFi connection and a screen sharing software and your good to go. No cables, dongles, or wires to stress you out any further.

No. 2: Equal viewing pleasure for all participants, no matter where they are. Technology has heightened the wonders of being able to work from home, however, one of the downside of it is being able to participate in trainings and/or meetings. Why? Because since typical setups for meetings are held in a single place the knowledge shared in that meeting is only limited to those who were present there. However, this can all change with screen sharing because this software enables remote workers to tap into the screen of the presentation and vice versa. Through this technology it is able to promote authentic connections between the trainer and the trainees no matter where they are.

No. 3: Cohesion spells clarity. Have you ever been into a conference or a meeting where there are several presenters that have to go through connecting their devices into the central projector every single time they start and/or end their presentations? Wasn’t that just annoying? Through screen sharing, presentations are shown in a much more organised and consistent manner. This tool can easily give the reigns to anyone, which includes remote attendees with a single click making the entire presentation engaging and clear.

That is what makes this ZOHO CRM tool exceptional and fantastic for you. It could help you make your presentations even more professional and help you avoid the pitfalls of awkward cable hunting and inconsistent transitions.


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