WooCommerce & Zoho are the perfect E Commerce partners

//WooCommerce & Zoho are the perfect E Commerce partners
WooCommerce & Zoho

Are you venturing into the Ecommerce space? Have you got a wonderful product that you want to sell online? Have you just built your brand new WordPress website using WooCommerce as the shopping cart? If you have done all this and are not sure what to do next then you should be speaking to the team at Oscillosoft who can help you manage your work flow and sales process.

Firstly, lets talk a little bit about WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that can turn your website into a powerful selling machine by adding a shopping cart. It’s so easy and really quick to implement and is one of the most popular Ecommerce shopping carts in the world.

So how do they do this?

There are so many fantastic ways that integrating a Zoho CRM with your WooCommerce platform can help grow your business. Following a just a few:

You can easily add new WooCommerce orders to the Zoho CRM as contacts. You can then market directly to these new contacts through direct marketing and guess what? The Zoho CRM can help facilitate this!

You can also easily create new contacts from all the leads that come through your social media such as Facebook & LinkedIn

You will have the ability to save new WooCommerce orders to Google sheet rows which is really handy.

Easily integrate the existing customer base when you implement the new Zoho CRM – our team will help you understand how to do this.

You can also add new WooCommerce clients or customers to ActiveCampaign as a brand new contact.

There are so many other fabulous areas that integrating a Zoho CRM by Oscillosoft can help streamline and improve your businesses sales process. Think of it as a helpful friend that can help you manage your entire sales cycle from; incoming orders, taking payments, managing quotes, invoices and collections of monies owed by clients. The great thing about dealing with the friendly team at Oscillosoft is that they will come out to your business, clearly explain to you how this all works, demonstrate the benefits to your business and be on call to help you through any hurdles you may have (however small they are) when setting it up.

The team at Oscillosoft like to think of themselves as your Ecommerce partner and their aim is to make sure you get the most out of ever potential lead and sale when it comes to the internet especially, the often very competitive Ecommerce environment.

If you are keen to kick start the process of improving your Ecommerce website and overall business systems please get in touch with us here are Oscillosoft. We are fast to respond and no one has a more intimate knowledge of the Ecommerce, especially the WooCommerce space than our professional staff.

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