Standardise your document management workflow with Zoho CRM and Google Drive

//Standardise your document management workflow with Zoho CRM and Google Drive
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There is no doubt that internal business workflow processes are as important as external customer communication. In fact, a good internal process manifests into a rich customer experience. One of the hottest topics in any business is how best to handle ‘document management‘, as one size does not fit all!! There are a plethora of cloud storage platforms out there such as Google Drive, One Drive, Zoho’s own Work-Drive and of course, let’s not forget Dropbox. How do these storage platforms talk with Zoho CRM, which is your central customer database? How do you ensure and maintain files, folder naming convention, structure, integrity, and more importantly, systemic consistency with minimum human input? At the end of the day, we aim to minimise error which translates into cost savings.

In  this blog we will discuss  a document management scenario using Google Drive. Let’s face it. The standard integration out of the box may not suffice for growing businesses.

Let’s  define the scenario for a better picture:

For instance, an IT consulting firm (e.g OscilloSoft) successfully closes a new Deal, also known as Potential, with Company XYZ. Since XYZ is a now new client with OscilloSoft, a new Deal needs to be created by converting from the Lead. Then the business’ workflow is as follows:

Google drive workflow Zoho CRM
  1. Create a unique Client folder, if it doesn’t exist already, in Google Drive
  2. Create a specific Deal folder under the parent Client folder (as one client can have many deals)
  3. Create sub-folders against the Deal folder (as each deal will have unique requirements or documents etc.)
  4. List all folders and subfolders inside CRM with a link which would open in Google Drive

So how can we achieve the above using Zoho CRM? Well, there are many ways to achieve this, so we will go with one of the easiest approaches. For this, we will be using the following features of Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition:

Zoho CRM work flow in thru google drive
  • Zoho CRM related list displays the subfolders from Google Drive inside the deal. The following is a screenshot of the end output. For each Deal, 3 folders will be created to help store appropriate files associated to the respective Deal. As seen in the screenshot, the folder names are hyperlinked and directly leads to the respective folders in your Google Drive – eliminating the need to open Google Drive and search for clients’ folders.

Google Drive Test
  • Zoho CRM Custom function: This is one of the best features of Zoho CRM. It can solve many use cases which you couldn’t achieve in the past without heavy development. This is a container where we can script the logic and process the automation.

  • Zoho CRM Connections: This is a cool new feature which lets you connect and authenticate various SaaS platforms with minimal coding. In the above mentioned example, we have built connections to Google Drive via the Google API by writing a Custom Function.

  • Google Drive API – This is an API that lets you add, edit, and search files or folders within the Google Drive. You can even bring back the URL so it can be saved inside Zoho CRM.

Now that we have discussed the features, let’s have a look at the end result!

Google Drive

Once the coding and setup is completed, a new button is embedded inside the Deals module of Zoho CRM. When the user clicks on the embedded button it will trigger the creation of all folders. This magic takes a standard integration to an above and beyond customised integration. Once completed, it will provide a success or error message:

Google Drive

So what does the Google Drive output look like?

Google drive Link

The benefits of Google Drive workflow in Zoho CRM:

  • Elimination of  human error while creating a structured folder system

  • The whole process and output happens on the cloud, making it available from anywhere and on any device

  • Ability to leverage your existing cloud storage platform to the fullest

  • Save  time and money

  • Better collaboration and accessibility among team members

  • Usage and benefits of Google Drive – one of the most popular and robust platforms.

  • Effectively leverage  any existing Google Drive authentication process so you know it’s secure.

  • Experience a  360° view of your customers, and their related files/folders in one place, inside Zoho CRM.

Millions of people use Google Drive. But how can this integration be applied to the specific needs of your business? We understand that your business might have a different workflow, process or even a different storage platform like Dropbox. Well, that’s where Oscillosoft  comes in. Why not check out our consulting services and explore the endless possibilities of  customising your CRM to suit your business workflow.

To grow your business with Oscillosoft, SIGN UP for a FREE 1 hour consultation and learn to manage your business more proficiently.


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