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What’s New in Zoho CRM?

In this video blog, we will be tackling how one can effectively work with List View feature in Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM allows you to create custom View settings to make your dashboard easier to manage as according to your preference. A ‘View’ is grouping of records based on a defined set of criteria. For example, you want to track down the leads which are lost and you want to display it with particular user. You can simply use this feature to filter your records, change record owners, delete records in bulk, and send mass emails.

These views can make it practical for businesses to display and be able to manage data according to their requirements. It can be created for every modules like leads, contacts, potential and so on.

Today in this video, we’ll be covering the following areas of Zoho CRM Views:

  • How to access and navigate Zoho CRM Views option
  • Learn about the preset views and how you can create custom views
  • How to save created custom views
  • Leads management through custom views (Sort, Save, Filter leads in Zoho CRM)
  • How to work with team members according to your defined custom views

There are two types of views in the 2016 Zoho CRM: Standard View and Custom View.

The Standard List views is the preset provided by Zoho CRM which is ready to be used by your team members. With Standard List Views, users can modify and sort the order of the columns in the list. However, one cannot delete these list of views.

Custom List Views, on the other hand, is where users can create, modify and delete the custom views on their Zoho CRM dashboard. You can also sort the order of the columns in the list.

List views are usually categorised under Created By Me and Shared With Me. You can also mark list views that you often use as Favorites and those will be listed first in the List View drop-down.

To learn more about managing and working with List Views on Zoho CRM, watch the video above.

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