ZOHO CRM 2016 – Send & Receive SMS with Burst SMS Integration

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What’s New in Zoho CRM 2016?

In this video module, we will be showing you how you can send and receive SMS from your Zoho CRM through the Burst SMS integration. Burst SMS is one of the widely used online SMS services in Australia.

With the Burst SMS integration on Zoho, it is easier to sync your campaign list from your Zoho CRM to a Burst list and be able to send a SMS campaign and vice versa.

Here are the things we will cover in this video:

  • How to send and receive SMS on Zoho CRM to Burst SMS
  • Customising SMS Messages and how to use existing SMS templates
  • Track conversation history with specific contact
  • How to send SMS to Zoho Lead contacts

Burst SMS integration with Zoho makes contacting leads easier and much more convenient for businesses. You can also select and choose which of your current contacts you would want to receive your messages.

Burst SMS offers businesses solutions to strategic SMS marketing. SMS marketing has been proven effective in establishing a direct line to communication between businesses and the customers. Most businesses use SMS marketing as a reminder for the billing and collection, promo broadcast, order and delivery notification, and for overall customer and lead management.

Burst SMS messages can also be customised. You can indicate the lead’s name and surname in your message for a more personal approach.

To learn more about how you can access Burst SMS integration to Zoho, watch the video above.

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