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Zoho CRM burst SMS

Burst SMS is a Zoho development extension in which you will be able to send and receive SMS from your CRM leads, contacts or potentials. You will be able to manage all the sent and received messages from within Zoho CRM. This is fully integrated into Zoho CRM which allows you to see your text history, create message templates, send bulk SMS, and create reminder SMS.

Why should you use Burst SMS Extension?

Burst SMS will enhance your communication between CRM leads and contacts with a new innovative approach. The ability to send SMS of up to 100 people can be beneficial for your business and is a great marketing strategy.

You can send out automated SMS based on predefined Workflows. This is easy to configure and will be efficient in scheduling SMS messages on a specific date and time. This is a great feature because for certain leads or contacts, they may prefer a time where they will not be disturbed during their work. This allows them to feel that you respect them and your wish to do business is done in their most convenient time.

You will be able to access all SMS history which allows you to track all sent and received SMS from your leads and contacts. Having to go through SMS without the proper interface can be a daunting task, which is why this feature will be great in managing your time.

Burst SMS Configuration Walkthrough

Installing – The app can be found in the setup of your CRM and is located under the Marketplace tab. Then select the user or users that you will provide with burst SMS access. You will then have 2 options to choose from, either free trial or the $10 monthly fee. Once you’ve chosen an option, it will prompt you to configure the extension settings. To acquire the information for the extension settings, you will need to login to Burst SMS website which is https://burst.transmitsms.com/login and copy details in the Settings tab to the CRM.

Why should you use Burst SMS Extension?

Configuring –Under the extension settings you will need to copy the Incoming WebHook URL in the CRM and paste it in the Reply call back URL in Burst SMS. Then copy the SMS Status Callback URL from the CRM and paste it DLR callback URL of Burst SMS. In the Burst SMS Settings, enable the Global Opt List and set DLR Callback Firing to API Messages Only and click on the update profile. Now your Burst SMS will be integrated with the Zoho CRM, and all you need to do is customize the modules and organize the Burst SMS fields.

With the Burst SMS extension your business will surely increase in productivity and reach out to all potentials with ease. If you still need more help it’s always best to get the proper Zoho CRM consulting so that you will be able to use the app efficiently.

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