ZOHO CRM Custom Function

Zoho CRM Custom functions help you to update the data in related CRM modules or third-party applications by executing easy to program scripts. When a record matches the workflow criteria, workflow engine automatically triggers the custom function and update the CRM records. With custom functions, you can program scripts using Deluge Script (powered by Zoho Creator), associate them to workflow rules, and automate the business process. See Also Deluge Script – Reference Guide.


    • Roll up amount from each potential (status is closed won) to Total Revenue (custom field) to the related Account. If customer makes 10 payments, you can view the total revenue from Account page, instead of creating a report. Based on the total revenue generated from customer, you can grade them type A, type B, type C customers.
    • Create a project in Zoho Projects or any 3rd-party project management application when the potential is won and closed in CRM. Also, view the project link under an Account or Potential record to monitor the progress of the project.
  • When the potential status is “closed won”, push the potential, related contact and account details to Zoho Books or any 3rd-party accounting software. Once status of the invoice is changed to “paid” in accounting software, instantly update Potential record in CRM.

* Note: Custom Functions can be quite extensive and complex subject to your business requirements. Standard custom functions are starting from $150 but complex one will be reviewed based on your business requirements and quoted separately.


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