Zoho CRM Hacks Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

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You might already know that using Zoho CRM in your business can improve your business process to a significant level. But did you know you can still level-up your CRM for a more seamless solution? Zoho CRM by itself is a powerful tool, but when you add intelligent features, you’ve got a CRM designed to make your life easier.

Why bother using these CRM hacks?

Zoho CRM is easy to use out-of-the-box solution for every business, but as our products evolve and improve, there are more opportunities to utilize Zoho CRM, making it a robust solution for your business needs.

With this in mind, let’s look at a couple of Zoho CRM hacks that will save every entrepreneur tons of time and make their job simpler and more productive.

Take a shortcut using Macros

There might be a set of dull tasks in record level that you’d like to do at a swift click of a button.  We knew that you’d want quick fixes and so Zoho got ahead of the game and introduced Macros.

With Macros, you can create rules and run them on your demand— create a task, update a field, and send an email.

For example, let’s say you close a deal and receive a payment. You need to have a set of things you do, every time and for every customer. No exception.

1) Send an email to your customer regarding the deal.

2) Convert the field “potential” to “contact”.

3) Assign a task to the logistics department to ship the product.

Since you already complete these activities regularly on all orders, using macros simplifies your work life.

Are you a power user of macros and wondering what’s new in this in this new feature? Well, we’ve got more for you! With the macros sharing feature, you can share the macro you created with your co-workers and subordinates. That way they’ll be able to complete the same activities that you were doing.

Bulk editing made easy in Zoho Sheet

Editing and making changes to bulk data takes a lot of time. And conventional methods like third party functions or reporting and importing are prone to errors and proves to be inefficient.

The Sheet View option in Zoho CRM will help you generate and view records in Zoho Sheet. It is easy to make changes, save, and update records in your CRM account.

This functionality also makes it easy to add new records. (A maximum of 100 records will be available in a single sheet and you can add multiple sheets and update them).

These Zoho CRM hacks may seem small, but they are extremely useful and make your work day more productive from beginning to end.

If you’re a CRM user and you have yet to check out the Zoho CRM, you can get started here. Give them a try and feel free to book your free consultation if you need more help.


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