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Welcome to Zoho CRM integrations featuring Oscillosoft authored applications for Zoho CRM.

What’s New in Zoho CRM?

In this video blog, we will be discussing the features of Auto Tax Calculator–an integration created by Oscillosoft that allows Zoho users to calculate their sales and purchase Tax on IC/Ex Price for Total Tax instead of Line Item Tax.

Oscillosoft provides customised solutions for Zoho CRM users to improve and take further advantage of the platform’s features. The Auto Tax Calculator aims to make accounting tasks easier particularly for businesses offering multiple products and/or services.

In this video, we will be covering the following:

  • Overview of the Auto Tax Calculator dashboard
  • Accessing Main Navigations of Auto Tax Calculator
  • How to create a quote per product/service offered
  • How to deduct tax rates from tax inclusive service price

The Auto Tax Calculator tool aims to help accountants automate calculations needed to identify tax rates. Whether the goal is to add tax percentage or deduct it from the price, this app can simplify the overall calculation process.

To learn more about managing and working with Auto Tax Calculator on Zoho CRM, watch the video above.

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