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As Zoho CRM continues to help in your business, it also continues to develop new ways for your business to be productive. A great Zoho extension which is the lead to vendor conversion will help you generate more vendors and contacts. In general, the sales process always begins with leads.

Zoho CRM lead to Vendor conversion

Leads are usually prospective consumers of a product or service and are created when the individual or their business seems to be relevant to yours, which you can then turn into vendors and provide their contact information. Businesses often gain these leads through advertising, trade shows, e-mails and other marketing strategies.

With proper zoho integration, you will be able to create accounts and potentials that are qualified leads which will then have a great sales opportunity for your business. Zoho CRM will be able to manage these leads for you and with this zoho extension, you will be generating more vendors and contacts which will further benefit your business.

Features and how the Zoho extension works

Key Features:

This zoho extension will be able to help you automatically create new vendors from leads. This is very useful you will gain multiple new vendors in a short amount of time, making it easier for you to enhance your business productivity.

Reduces the effort of having to manual create vendors from your leads. This also saves your time and makes it less of a hassle to create vendors from your leads.

How it works:

Once you have installed the lead to conversion extension, in the CRM Lead tab you will see the initial lead details page. Upon selecting a lead you will see a button on top right corner that says Convert to Vendor which will automatically turn the selected lead into a vendor. Once clicked, it will create a vendor and remove it as a lead.

You can also access another page which is the Lead List view page. In this interface you can select multiple leads from their checkboxes and will have the ability to click on Convert to Vendors, which will turn all selected leads into Vendors. Once clicked, it will automatically create all of them as Vendors and remove them from your leads.

More About Lead to Conversion

Lead to conversion extension is generally used for the sole purpose of automatically turning your leads into vendors. It’s simple and efficient, however future updates will involve the ability to copy lead notes and show activities to Vendor. As the Zoho extension continues to develop you will expect greater results and have a major impact in your business productivity.

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