How Zoho CRM helped Southern Cross Protection?

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Zoho CRM has become one of the most useful applications to use for businesses in order to increase its productivity and growth. It helps streamline your organization’s sales, marketing, customer support and many more. As businesses continue to implement Zoho CRM for their business, many business owners have experienced its benefits in providing accurate data and allowing them to effectively manage their business efficiency. Southern Cross Protection is one of those businesses that have experienced the effects of Zoho CRM for their business.

How Zoho CRM affected their business

About Southern Cross Protection

Southern Cross Protection provides intelligent and comprehensive security solutions for their customers. They would assess their clients and offer protection based on their needs. Some of their offers include risk advisory, asset protection, patrols, lost prevention, guards, CCTV, and many more. They provide an integrated and effective security solution that delivers peace of mind for their clients.

Southern Cross Protection is looking for a system that can provide a customer centric approach to their business. They have searched online for different CRM’s and what each one can do for their business. However many of these CRM’s failed to meet their requirements and the prices for those CRM’s were expensive. They had this trouble finding the right CRM for 18 months. They then found Zoho CRM and looked at what Zoho had to offer.

How Zoho CRM affected their business

After their Zoho Implementations, within a week they had an interface that started working their website. It showed them how easy it is to grab an off the shelf product and tailor it to your business. Since then, Zoho CRM has become the businesses core in running the business.

Southern Cross Protection still had many decisions to make. In order to minimise their risks they decided to take Zoho consulting which helped them develop a prototype solution. Having a successful proof concept, they then began using the system and began implementing other Zoho features such as workflows, sales IQ, Zoho reports, Zoho Projects, and other Zoho products. This integration has delivered greater value more than Southern Cross Protection expected.

As a result, Southern Cross Protection was able to eliminate methods that were time consuming and email based processes. They then used Zoho cases for both internal as well as customer requests. Zoho CRM implementation has changed all their operational processes and has also helped their staff.

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