Zoho Partner Oscillosoft’s Insights about Zoho

/Zoho Partner Oscillosoft’s Insights about Zoho

Zoho has recently launched a Partner Summit where only premium grade partner of Zoho are invited. In this event Zoho’s team gave their partners information on developing software that can boost Zoho’s performance. Oscillososft was chosen to provide feedback on how the partnership has bloomed and how Zoho CRM helped their business.

About Oscillosoft

Ash Ibrahim is one of the director of OscilloSoft that is based in Sydney, Australia. They specialise on Zoho consulting and also do custom developments on other platforms. They have been partnered with Zoho since 2009 and were one of the first partners in Australia. They have been evolving and growing with Zoho ever since.

Oscillosoft along with other Zoho partners are zoho consultants that can provide knowledge on how to implement Zoho for any business.

How did Zoho Affect their Business?

They started with only a few initially, Ash and a partner. Over the last 7 years their business evolved from 2 staff to a 32 staff business. Ash also said, “We have grown our business with Zoho at least 200%, so it has been a great journey so far.”

Zoho is always trying and implementing new things which give you the opportunity to engage the market with different strategies. One of the key factors of Zoho is that it has also been good with pricing. Ever since Zoho one came out, they got more consulting approaches as well as being able to provide deeper solutions, because the pricing is very good that lets you get multiple products. This opened up a lot more opportunities for Oscillosoft.

Since Zoho is also evolving and will be engaging the medium and the enterprise market, Oscillosoft will also see this is an opportunity to grow as well. Zoho one will give them the opportunity to hit that market and if it continues to succeed their team may also double in Australia along with offshore team.

So how does Zoho’s business strategy stand out against other cloud providers? Ash Ibrahim has this to say, “There are lots of products out there but to sum it off, it’s value for money. Nothing will come close in terms of the offerings where some does landing pages, and some does marketing. But Zoho offers everything and when you put them together, you get a suite of products with one log in and that makes it a no brainer for us.”

With these benefits that Zoho has done for Australia’s number 1 partner, Oscillosoft, it comes to no surprise that Zoho one has become a revolutionary program that can definitely boost a businesses’ growth. It will continue to develop and implement new programs that will help create a well-developed business.


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