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Welcome to Zoho Project, an online web based project planning / collaboration management software tool that helps get your projects done faster.

What’s new in Zoho Project?

Today, we’ll be teaching you how to quickly access and manage your tasks in Zoho Project, implementing attributions and tagging teammates, and tracking task progress. Aside from its CRM functions, Zoho can also be used as a project management software wherein you can improve your way of assigning tasks to your team members, tracking progress, and recording roadblocks and issues experienced by any of your team members.

In this module, we will provide you with an overview of Zoho Tasks. Here are the things you will be learning:

  • How to access tasks assigned to you
  • How to assign tasks to your team members
  • Where to find attributes for the tasks assigned
  • Checking task status
  • Leaving a comment / note to a colleague

Zoho Project’s Task is very user-friendly. You can create a task for you or your teammate. Group tagging on tasks is also now possible with the latest interface. You may also indicate a due date and implement color scheme to determine urgency.

Zoho Tasks also now has a drag and drop feature to make tagging tasks much easier and faster. To tag a task, just drag the task and drop it over a tag under the Tags list. You can also select multiple tasks at a time and drop it over a tag.

Project Management is vital for businesses. A project management software like Zoho help teams identify which tasks are already fulfilled by their colleagues and which ones are yet to be done. It also helps the team keep track of their project goals and determine what were the steps taken to complete it.

Watch our guide to accessing your Zoho Tasks in the video above.

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