Zoho provided a comprehensive marketing CRM solution powerful enough to handle Aeronergy’s 180,000+ leads.


Aeronergy specializes in energy efficiency technology and have implemented smart energy solutions to thousands of business all across Australia. Our mission is to deliver innovative power solutions to Australian business by demonstrating technological excellence and creative flare. As a respected long-standing member of the energy efficiency industry, we have built many ongoing partnerships to benefit our clients with a wealth of experience to share. We believe the key to our success is to consistently improve and develop new technology with the vision to see beyond the status quo.

We provide various services to our clients like:

  • Reduce Network Demand Charges

  • Commercial Solar Energy System

  • Cash Flow Positive Finance

Our goal to provide our clients:

  • Unlocking significant savings

  • Smart energy financing model

  • Increased asset value

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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Aeronergy was looking for a solution that was comprehensive in their complex marketing management system. They already had a CRM called lead master but with more than 180,000 leads this system could not cope up very well.

Kevin zhang , CEO of Aeronergy, wanted a scalable solution with over 50+ Users to track and monitor new leads. Aeronergy were using lead master where there was no bucket for Accounts, Opportunities and Contacts. All of them were in Lead module. In addition to these challenges, Kevin zhang has a very special requirement on marketing engagement with the lead. From the Tele marketer to BDM (Business Development Manager) they have a very strict user access control to give access who can view what?

“We were looking for something what can give us better performance with our huge database with improved user access and monitoring. Our database became too big to handle by leadmaster. Sometimes when we need data extract it takes edges even fails some times for the big volume. We want to separate our business based on Commercial / Residential territory then seven sub territory in each group.” Kevin explains.

As a result of these challenges, Aeronergy made the decision to engage with OscilloSoft to build a full solution making Zoho CRM as centralized repository.


Zoho CRM
Workflow by Zoho

Upon making the decision to update its current process, Aeronergy began to evaluate possible solutions for their needs. Even they had some experience with Zoho but he wanted full solution. So OscilloSoft recommended the following:

  • ZOHO CRM: Migrate Old Leads to Leads, Accounts and Potential based on the status and capture and store all LEAD related information as well as send automated emails via workflow.

  • Web to Lead: In IT we call it capture your future customer’s Digital Footprint Track and notify admin user as soon as a new lead created in the website. Based on the lead source associate with correct user to contact the lead.

  • Work-Flow: Automated Work-Flow will help notify other users once an action required attention for example if appoint booked for a site inspection, BDM need to assign this task to someone immediately.

“We looked at other CRMs in demand, but we really wanted flexible contract terms, which would give us flexibility increase or decrease our sales force. Also they were not very user friendly to use, licensing is very expensive and the consultancy are even more expense, you always need an expert to help you,” Daniel says. “We were quite attracted to the fact that Zoho is much more simple and easy to use without the need of IT expert on every single change or update, Otherwise the size like our organization would need an IT professional” Based on these factors, the organization made the decision to go Zoho. Because Aeronergy outsources its IT services, they knew that it would need the help of a partner to manage the implementation. After searches and various evaluations OscilloSoft was chosen.

“OscilloSoft was knowledgeable and well organized set up a project plan for us that we were able to modify for our needs, They worked with Lead master CRM and ZOHO migration before so it was a smooth migration without any hiccup. Most importantly OscilloSoft was Sydney based as we were looking for local partners” Mark mentions. With the help of OscilloSoft, Aeronergy rolled out Zoho within six weeks.

Implementation Phase: It took Oscillosoft six weeks to bring ZOHO live from the scratch. “We did our field mapping and define our requirements. Oscillosoft Download database from Old CRM and did all the data cleaning, scrubbing, normalization and upload them into ZOHO. They smooth all noisy data and remove redundancy, create organization chart, user access, data sharing, workflow automation, validation checking and most important teach all of us how to use it create simple task like view, reports etc. It was a great journey to migrate to a brand new system from traditional one.” says Daniel


  • Boosted the efficiency by 40%

  • Real time reporting when the management wants

  • Enabled Aeronergy to get real time data and insights.

  • Automation from lead to Project instalment.

  • Easy 1 click reporting instead of various spreadsheet

  • User collaboration and work effectively

  • Mobile access for the road stuff.

Now the ZOHO is in Live, we switched off our old CRM. Few of us were scared that how the new system will cope up with this huge database with accuracy after the database cleanup.

Mark English says ” Our biggest challenge was our security profile, we have field level security like some fields will have access to certain user only as well as module data sharing. We thought territory management and user profile will conflict each other but with the professional help of Oscillosoft we have done them all smoothly”

Workshops, video demo, documentations from Oscillosoft made us well trained to use ZOHO CRM and we are loving ZOHO too. In future we are thinking to migrate to CRM Plus or will start other ZOHO products like Campaigns, Sales IQ or Survey.

With the proper use of those tools Aeronergy is confident to grow their business with a better customer relationship management in the competitive market.

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