Magneto integration with Zoho CRM using PHP Scripts to synchronize orders, leads and customer details based on ChampSys’s frontend website.


Champion System (ChampSyS) was founded in 2005 and has quickly earned the reputation as a company offering the finest quality handmade garments for a wide range of sports and activities.
Strong customer relationships and close collaboration with the world’s top athletes has been the key to their success. Their garments are worn by Olympians, National and World Champions, and recreational athletes of all levels.

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ChampSyS was using Magento for their e-commerce site, and Zoho CRM for their Customer relationship management. The problem they faced was the duplicate entry of data. After a potential customer came in on their website, they had to manually enter the lead inside Zoho CRM. If he/she bought something, they would need to be converted to a Contact, and an order put against that Contact inside Zoho CRM.

This whole process was manual, allowed human error, and meant that some customer details would be different if the customer changed their details on ChampSys’s website. As a result of this manual processing, they were storing mismatching information, causing trouble for sales representatives and support staff using Zoho CRM to pull customer information.

Another challenge was that they had multiple CRMs, 1 for each different country. As such, the customer information needed to be added to the correct CRM. Champion System needed proper integration between Magento and Zoho CRM, so that the whole life cycle of leads to contacts and orders, was synchronised from their website to CRM, and their staff would be able to view up-to-date information at a glance instantly.


Zoho CRM
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Zoho CRM – Zoho CRM was used by Champion Systems for their Customer relationship management. Oscillosoft extended its usefulness by integrating Magento with Zoho CRM, through the use of Zoho CRM’s API.

Web to Lead – Oscillosoft linked a form on ChampSys’s website to a lead inside Zoho CRM, i.e. anyone filling the form would be entered as a lead.

PHP Scripts – Using PHP, Oscillosoft was able to integrate Magento with Zoho CRM. Orders were synchronised to CRM, leads were converted, and customer details were updated in CRM, all based on events happening on ChampSys’s frontend website. This can be better understood by the flowchart below.

Champ System Zoho Flowchart by OscilloSoft


  • Champion System found that they were now much more productive, as their staff no longer needed to enter data in twice.

  • The synchronization with Zoho CRM continued in the backend without any action needed from staff.

  • The customer’s view in Zoho CRM presented a holistic view of the customer and their interaction with Champion System, allowing staff to respond quickly and efficiently to any enquiries.

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