Learn more about how Zoho CRM enhanced a global communications firm’s workflows and reporting system. With the assistance of OscilloSoft in using Zoho applications, they are now more equipped with improved tracking systems. As a result they continue to lead in tech media solutions, offering you exemplary marketing services.



The client is a communications and advertising firm with several branches in Australia and New Zealand. It is a leading tech media landscape that represents one of the most extensive tech portfolios in the country.

The client takes pride in branding, lead generation, and social media marketing. Its network represents more than 500 independent websites.

They are trusted media innovators known worldwide. They provide unique and practical strategies, helping you engage with your audience. They offer media services solutions that tap content creation, lead generation, programmatic buying, and social media.


With a broad audience, the client required an efficient sales process to help the employees manage their day-to-day operations. They use Sage Financials for tracking and SunSystem Technology for performing other accounting processes. Sage deals with integrated accounting, payroll, and payment systems. On the other hand, SunSystem is accounting software with a unified ledger, offering seamless integration with other business software. There is no visible reporting regarding how much deals (pipelines) they made. With the old system, it is challenging to track how salespeople are performing and to determine how much budget the client has used and how much they have acquired.

The core requirement for the clients CRM solution is their quote splitter which will be used to split quotes based on the number of online impressions and time period. Online impressions refer to the metrics used in determining the number of digital views or engagements in a certain piece of content. After splitting, the quote is then sent to the customer to sign-off. After signing off, the quote is invoiced and revenue recognised based on the client’s brand and product matrix.

The client did have the quote splitter functionality in the Sage Financials system. However, the system’s UI was not user friendly and very difficult to interpret. Furthermore, they lacked a delivery tracking system needed for tracking quote line items, thus, ensuring progress.


With the challenges the client had, they decided to change their system. Of various options they examined,  the client decided to pursue Zoho essentially because of its robust customisation and suite of applications including Zoho CRM and Zoho Analytics for reporting and visible tracking. Zoho CRM makes it possible to import the old data to the new system.

To help the client with their invoicing processes, OscilloSoft created a quote splitter/builder widget. It is a workaround Custom Portal Solution that allows the client to build quotes inside the CRM while maintaining their custom fields, including dates, impressions, brands, descriptions, etc. There is a need for the said functionality because Zoho’s default quote does not have the needed row items added inside the quotes. Zoho Sign, an additional Zoho application, was utilized to send quotes out to customers for signatures.

Inside the Zoho CRM, the following custom modules were created to store and facilitate quote tracking:

  • Delivery Tracking Module for tracking quote line items after a quote is created.

  • Salespeople module for adding salespeople for accounting and reporting purposes.

Overall, the client uses 19 workflows to manage their daily operations and organize their financial transactions. Ten of these workflows were used for the widget to generate a quote. Starting from the lead, contact will be made. After that, an account is created to make a pipeline. Once it is made and a customer decides to continue the process, the salesperson will then use the widget to generate a quote.

Multiple workflows are triggered to make a record. They work hand in hand with the delivery tracking to prepare the invoicing. These workflows are essential because they create delivery tracking items of all the quote line items inside the CRM, generating individual records. If a quote is ready for invoicing, all the consecutive delivery tracking items are prepared for invoicing. Then, through a custom function, all the delivery tracking items.

Communications solution wheel


Switching to Zoho and using its applications is a wise move for the client. Not only can they save money, but they can also enjoy better tracking systems and building quotes. the client have improved custom functions allowing them to do the following:

  • The Super Admin can manage the users’ access control.

  • The delivery items can be easily traced.

  • The Online Impression Splitting and Price Splitting for quotes can be managed efficiently.

  • Authorized users can only access the widget.

In addition, the client also has improvement when it comes to role management and profiling. Salespeople have the opportunity to do their work without the Delivery Tracking Team being able to see what they are doing and vice versa. Moreover, the Reporting system has been better since all the transactions that have transpired are logged inside the CRM.

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